Friday, March 16, 2012

Mary Louise Brittingham

When I found this picture at first I thought it was Mom. After researching and going through more pictures, I have determined this is Mary, Dad's little sister who died in 1936 at the age 3 from pneumonia. 

Mary was born in 1933, ten years after Dad. After Dad passed away I found this picture in Dad's chest drawer, carefully wrapped in plastic along with a thank you note out of the Rich Hill newspaper that Grandma Brittingham placed. Dad kept this picture since Mary's death. The story he told me was Mary was very sick and getting worse. Dad's mother told him to run across town and get the Doctor, by the time he  got back with the Doctor Mary had passed away. 

In the 1930's before the advent of antibiotics, pneumonia was the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. 

Debbie Jo Doelling (July 31st 1952 to January 26th 1972) My Best Friend 3rd Grade through 12th Grade

Marty with Pooh age 3-Scout Marty age 7

Sunday, March 11, 2012


It was bound to happen. 100 year old house. Clearing back the brush...there she is..we don't know much about her. First name Barbara...probably called Barbie by her friends. With no head we'll call, I just can't go there.
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    • Kathy Finholm Hines Please call Amy...she may have the head.
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    • Heather McMichael LOL. My brother told me recently he blew up my Barbies and shot them with his BB gun. Poor Barbie.
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    • Kaye Brittingham NO! OH NO! Please give her the proper DIVA burial! poor thing!!
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    • Kaye Brittingham Well, one day when I was growing up my little brother Galen decided to open a Barber Shop with my Dad's new hair clipperset and use ALL my dolls as his 1st customer's!! Needless to say this was not his calling!! When the dolls went missing there was a massive search of the entire house and low and behold there they were hidden under my Mom and Dad's bed ALLwith SHAVED HEADS!! I still have one of these dolls which I had to purchase her a wig and have it glued on!! LOL!

Friday, March 2, 2012

807 N. Main House Today

Today I went to Nevada to attend Martha's Mother's Funeral. After the funeral I went to visit the old house on Main Street. From the street it looked vacant. I drove in the driveway, closed my eyes and pictured how it used to be when we drove in the driveway and Dad would come out and meet us. Mom would be all dressed up waiting for us in the living room. Then I opened my eyes and saw the sad little house.

I bought this mail box for Mom and Dad and can remember the day Dad hung it. I tried to take it today (wrong I know) but Dad had attached it so strong to the concrete wall it would not budge!

 Some one was remodeling the house. The kitchen was gutted and these kitchen cabinets were in Mom and Dad's old bedroom (this is Mom and Dad's bedroom with a view to the front door) I had to take the pictures through the windows.
 Kitchen-you can see the little pantry door opened and the back wall where the hot water heater is.
 Mom's utility room-where washer and dryer was, closet and bathroom.

 I remember ordering these awnings for Mom and Dad from Sears Catalog sometime in the late 80's early 90's. I also remember Dad and I hung them.

Mom's favorite window-the kitchen window

The tree's Dad brought home from the cemetery farm land and planted in the front yard.

Utility door leading to the garage which someone has turned the garage into 2 bedrooms.

Mom's utility room.

All that remained of the inside of the house as I knew it was a pile of the old kitchen cabinets. I did take this piece out of the trash pile to remember the little us where we grew up. The cabinets were knotty pine which were beautiful in it's glory days of the 1940's (the house was built in 1943) Mom painted them blue and apparently someone else painted them white. I plan to remove the white paint and make a picture frame out of them-something like glue the picture on the arch front of the cabinet trim that hung above the kitchen sink.

Birthday Girl

This is very strange to admit-but while growing up-even though there were 6 of us kids and Mom and Dad, I do not remember very many birthday celebrations? I don't remember one's for Mom, Dad, Barbara, Marty, (I do remember this one for me 1st and last) Marilyn had one we have pictures of in the backyard of Cherry Street house. Galen or Thurman-HMMMmmm?

I don't remember this party-looks like Marilyn's birthday-I do know this is the ONE AND ONLY baby picture of me! I always teased Mom and Dad about being adopted because there are NO baby or toddler pictures of me!

So this is a picture of my 7th birthday, I remember Opal, Clay and Grandma Brittingham being there. We all sat down to dinner at the big dining room table (even Dad-Dad was ALWAYS working) we had on Cherry Street (we have a picture of that somewhere)??

Then I remember on my 16th birthday Barbara brought me a Sweet 16 cake. 
I don't ever remember any other's?? So now that this BIG ?0 birthday is here I best see a BIG CELEBRATION! PEOPLE START PLANNING AND SHOPPING!! LOL!