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Marty off to Colby College August 1991

Hergert To Attend Colby College . - Google News
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Marty Hergert, the son of David and Kaye Hergert, of Blue Springs, has been ... The grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brittingham and Eleanor Hergert, all of ...
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Dec. 20, 1959

Letters To Santa Claus . - Google News
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Love, Kay Brittingham 915 Cherry . Dear Santa I want a big drum set for Christmas. And a go-carl, too for Christmas. And a sled, too, please! Your friend.

Lake Park with The Doellings July 1966

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Mrs. Martin Doelling and Debbie and her friend, Kay Brittingham, Mrs. Gene Burchell and Michael and Mrs. Ray Ryan and Doug have returned from » trip to ...

Hot Time For The Nevada Class Of 1970 . - Google News
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least changed; and Kay Brittingham most changed. The weekend closed on Sunday morning with a breakfast at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dan Smith.