Monday, August 25, 2008

Sherman Arthur Brittingham and Daughter Mary Louise Brittingham Deaths

This is Dad's Father, Sherman Arthur Brittingham. He was a Semi-Professional Boxer, I do not know much about his career as a Boxer, I wish I had asked Dad more about him. This picture must have been taken in his 20's, 1910-1920? He was born May 5th,1885 and died July 18th, 1934 at age 49. He died from a hospital accident during a Gall Bladder operation he was given to much ether and died.

That left Grandma Brittingham with 6 children to raise. Evelyn, Dad, Art, Vernon, Opal and the baby Mary who was 2 years old.. Dad was 11 years old in 1934. Grandma put him in charge of Opal and Art was to take care of Mary.

Then 2 years later, Mary (Aug. 5th 1933-Oct. 3th 1936) died when she was 3 years old of pneumonia. Dad told me he had to run across Rich Hill to get the doctor, she died before he and the Doctor got back. After that Dad told Marilyn that Grandma was going to farm the children out to different relatives. When her brother, Uncle Thurman Burke, who owned a Boarding House in Kansas City, Mo. on Independence Ave. found out he came to Rich Hill, paid off the house and gave her money so she could keep the kids together. Grandma Brittingham took in laundry and ironing to make a living.

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Andrew in Bear Chair 1986

Marty's Bear Chair from Papa 1970-2006

Bear Chair
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I was cleaning house yesterday and had to move the Bear Chair that Papa had given to Marty when he made his first visit to Nevada, to the storage in the basement.

I then was sorting through some pictures and found we had pictures of Marty in his Bear Chair, 1973. In 1978 Marty let his dog Soccer use the Bear Chair. Then came Andrew in August 1984. Marty then handed his Bear Chair down to Andrew, 1986.

Then I found the picture of Flora sitting in the Bear Chair when she visited Papa and Grandma in their Lee's Summit house, Summer of 2006.

When Papa and Grandma moved back to Nevada in the Fall of 2006, I loaded the Bear Chair in the car to take to the Goodwill. When I unloaded everything at the Goodwill and started to unload the Bear Chair, I couldn't bring myself to do it. After all the memories and 36 years of service to Papa's Grand Kids and Great Grand Daughter!

I brought the Bear Chair home to our living room. I then restored the Bear Chair for Flora. I thought I would send the Bear Chair to Flora, but like us there is no room in her house. I will keep Papa's Bear Chair Forever and when Flora and Charley visit us we will put him into service again.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Speaking of Ice Cream, today is Andrew's 24th Birthday!

My Dad's Favorite Ice Cream by The Slice Please!

Because it is August and hot outside I always think of Neapolitan Ice cream or "Three Kinds" as we called it. This was a treat when Dad would buy a carton of "Three Kinds" He would put the carton on the kitchen table, open up all corner's, top and bottom and get out the big kitchen knife.
He would then proceed to cut us a slice of ice cream! This way we all had a little of the "Three Kinds" A half gallon carton of ice cream was gone in 1 serving around the Brittingham house!

Block of Neapolitan ice cream.

Neapolitan ice cream is chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream side-by-side in the same container (typically with no packaging in between).
Neapolitan ice cream was named in the late 19th century as a reflection of its presumed origins in the cuisine of the Italian city of Naples, and the many Neapolitan immigrants who brought their expertise in frozen desserts with them to the United States. Spumoni was introduced to the United States in the 1870s as Neapolitan-style ice cream. Early recipes used a variety of flavors, however the number of three molded together was a common denominator. More than likely chocolate, vanilla and strawberry became the standard for the reason that they were the most popular flavors in the United States at the time of introduction.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Why We Have Double Cousins

Here is a photo of My Dad (right front) and his brother Art, (left front) behind Art is his wife, June and behind Dad is her sister, My Mom, Bertha. So that's how you get to be Double Cousins! Mom and Dad had 6 children and Art and June had 8. So lots & lots of Double Cousins! Some of us look more like brother and sister than our own brother and sisters!
In between June and Mom is Art and Dad's younger brother, Vernon. I am guessing this picture was taken in 1943 or 44?
Double first cousins arise when two siblings reproduce with another set of siblings and the resulting children are related to each other through both parents' families. Double first cousins share both sets of grandparents in common and have double the degree of consanguinity than ordinary first cousins. Genetically they are as related as half-siblings. Their coefficient of coancestry is 1/8th or 0.125. While double first cousins have the same coefficient of coancestry (1/8) as half-siblings, they do have higher chances of sharing both alleles (1/16 vs 0) and lower chances of sharing one allele (3/8 vs 1/2) with each other than half-siblings.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Moving Forward to Today 8/5/2008

I received some very upsetting news just now, Aug. 5th, 2008 10:00 p.m. My Double Cousin, Connie Brittingham-Newport suffered a heart attack today. Since her Mom & my Mom were sisters and her Dad & my Dad were brothers that makes us Double Cousins (more on this later)

Connie is 58 years old and has had a very difficult life with her 4 boys and her 7 brothers & sisters (more on that later also) Since her Mom, June died 2 years ago and Mom & Dad just passed away, Connie and I have became very close. We email, chat on the phone and made a trip together last May to attend the Holmes-Cemetery Board meeting in Fort Scott Ks.

Donna Mae, her sister just called me and let me know that she is in ICU at Research Hospital here in KC. I will call and check on her condition tomorrow. My thoughts are with Connie tonight and hope for a full recovery.

Moving On Up to Spring Street!

Next we moved to Spring Street. This was a tiny 2 Bedroom house with running water, electricity, gas a bathroom and Mom had a wringer/washer! Barbara and Marty had 1 bedroom and the rest of us and Mom and Dad shared the other bedroom. Marilyn, Me & Galen shared a bed, Mom and Dad had their bed and Thurman was in a crib.

These were the best days ever in this house! We ran the neighbor and discovered Big Rock! We spent many summer days on Big Rock and playing with the Hirshmans who lived right next door. There were 6 of us Brittingham kids & at least 6 Hirshman kids, I don't remember all of them. I know there was Cindy, my age, Brenda, Galen's age and Randy was Marilyn's age. So during the summer days both houses was a constant flow of children in and out the screen doors.

Dad used to round up as many of us and the Hirshman kids that would fit in his car and take us to the Dairy Queen. He was not happy unless we each had a Nickel Cherry Coke & a Nickel Ice Cream Cone (with nutmeg, of course!)

Where were we born?

Barbara, Marty & Marilyn were born in Butler, Mo.

Kaye, Galen & Thurman were born in Nevada, Mo. where Mom & Dad settled and lived for the nest 56 Years. The first house I remember was the Ash Street house. I was only about 3 or 4, so 1955-56? There were Mom & Dad and 5 kids living in this house with no running water, no electricity and an out door toilet! How did my Mom do it!! We are talking cloth diapers people! and no running water! The lady was a Saint!

Notice the water pump on the back porch.

Then 2 Boys Makes 6! Galen Lee, April 28,1954 & Thurman Lee, Nov. 25, 1956

Galen Lee on left and Thurman Lee

Sandra Kaye (Another Damn Girl!) Born Mar. 28, 1952

Kaye on right with sister Marilyn

Marilyn Louise Makes 3! Born Aug. 11, 1950

Marilyn, on left with sister Kaye

Barbara Lee Born June 27th 1945 and Stanley Martin (Marty) Born Dec. 29, 1947

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Beginning Mom & Dad Married Nov. 13, 1943

Nov. 13, 2008 Mom and Dad would have celebrated their 65th Wedding Anniversary!

Memories of Dad by Friends & Family

Guests and Memorials in Memory of Stanley Lee Brittingham

There are 14 memorials entered.
From Marty Hergert,
Papa,We love and will miss you dearly. You devoted your life to your children and grandchildren and worked hard to make sure they were happy, healthy, and safe. It was wonderful to see you enjoy your great granddaughter Flora. You will live on in our memories and stories.Love,Marty, Amy, and Flora
From Georgia Pyle Graham,
Dear Barbara and family,I wish to express my sympathy on the passing of both of your parents. I appreciated your mother's kindness when I visited in your home when we were children and I also want to express my appreciation for the work your father did for the safety of Nevada.Sincerely,Georgia Pyle Graham
To the family, My sincere sympathy to you. How very sad to lose both parents within such a short time. I have met many of the family members. I know them to be a loving and caring family, especially my dear daughter-in-law Kaye. May your many happy memories be a comfort to all. Sincerely, Winnie Murry
From McReynolds Family,
Dear Barbara and family,We are so sorry to hear of the passing of your dad. We will hold you in our hearts and prayers during this difficult, sad time. Sending you our love and thoughts,Priscilla, Wayne, Kyle, Joy and Heather
From Bob & Bonnie Holland,
Kaye,We know the last few months have been very difficult and challenging for you. Now your parents are together and happy in a better place. It's ironic that Bob met your Dad at work 25 years ago. We then met you in 2005 and have been good friends since that time. We are here for you and you and your family are in our prayers.
From Bob Murray,
From Terry & Donna Allen,
Dear Brittingham Family:We are so sorry to hear of the loss of Stanley. I know it must be very hard on all of you losing both parents so close together. I always remember that they were never far from one another so they are together again. Please know that all of you are in our prayers and thoughts.
From Greg & Carol Smetanka,
Dear Kaye,I will always remember your stories of growing up in Nevada and the fond recollections of your parents in a simpler time. You always said your dad was a proud man. Because of your family's kindness and devotion he was able to live a good life with dignity in his last remaining years, you should be proud of that. Our thoughts are with you today and in the coming weeks. Carol & Greg
From John Gurera,
My Dear Kaye,I am so sorry for your loss. I know in my heart your Dad is in a much better place now along side of your mother which is where he wants to be. It is so hard to loose a parent and you are having to grieve for both your parents so soon. God only gives us what we can handle and I know how much you hurt right now but He along with me and all your friends are always there for you. I know how proud your parents were of you and how you have done your very best to help them along the way. Grief is hard on us but with friends and family around, you will be comforted. You are a special person Kaye and deserve all good things. Stay strong and again I will always be there for you, a short phone call away. Take good care and my deepest sympathy.Your Friend Always,John G.
From Amy,
The very first time Marty brought me to Nevada to meet Papa and Grandma, Papa took us all for a ride around town in his big car. He never got it over 20 miles per hour, and stopped fully and carefully at each and every stop sign ... even though there wasn't another car to be seen for miles! Papa was so gentle and protective, and you knew right away he took the law seriously. As we drove, I got a narrative tour of town, and we also stopped to do some antiquing. Later, we ate Lamar's Donuts and looked at old photographs back at the house. I liked Marty's story about Papa watching late night showings of Andy Griffith and making toaster oven sandwiches in the living room the best! When Flora came on the scene, Papa instantly adored her. He always said, "She's such a smart, little girl" and marveled at her artwork and pictures. We'll miss Papa and we'll be sure to keep him alive with our memories and stories.
From LuAnn Weatherly,
So sorry to hear about the loss of both of your parents so close together. My thoughts are with you.
From Barbara and Robert Cubbage,
Memories of Dad would have to include his determination to take care of his family. He always worked more than one job just to make ends meet. One of his favorite sayings was, "Just take life one day at a time."
From Rod Conner,
Thurman,Just heard about your losses. Deepest sympathies to all of your family. I just wanted you to know I still remember the good old days and hanging out at your house. Loved both your parents, they always treated me as one of their own. If there is anything I can do to help please contact me.Rod Conner (
From Andrew Hergert,
Papa,I will miss you dearly. I will always remember staying up late watching Gun smoke and making cheese sandwiches. Will remember helping you take down trees, and trips in the old RV.Love,Andrew

Beginning at The End Again 27 Days Later

Stanley Lee Brittingham Apr 8, 2008
Services Information

Stanley Lee Brittingham
Stanley Lee Brittingham, 84, Nevada, MO passed away Tuesday, April 8, 2008 at Moore-Few Care Center in Nevada, following a brief illness. Stanley was born in Pleasanton, KS November 19, 1923 to Sherman Arthur Brittingham and Bertha Matilda Burke Brittingham. He was married November 13, 1943 in Butler, MO to Bertha Louise Evans. She preceded him in death March 11, 2008 after their marriage of 64 years.
Stanley resided in Nevada, MO most of his adult life. He served in the U.S. Navy from 1941 to 1943. He joined the Nevada Police Department in 1954, serving as patrolman, sergeant and lieutenant. In 1960 he was appointed Chief of Police and served in that position until 1964.
Stanley and Bertha raised six beloved children, Barbara Cubbage, Nevada, MO, Marilyn Mitchell, Independence, MO, Kaye Brittingham-Murry, Kansas City, MO, Galen Brittingham, Tulsa, OK, Thurman Brittingham, Rose Hill, KS and Stanley Martin “Marty” Brittingham who preceded his father in death, August 27, 1966; 13 grandchildren, three great-granddaughters and one great-grandson; one brother, Vernon Brittingham, St. Louis, MO and, one sister Opal Beashore, Iola, KS.
Graveside services will be held at 11:30 a.m. Saturday, April 12, 2008 at Holmes-Brittingham Cemetery in Prescott, KS with Dr. William Cox officiating.
Friends may call now and until 10:00 a.m. on Saturday at Ferry Funeral Home, Nevada, MO.
The family suggests that memorials, in lieu of flowers, may be made to the Holmes-Brittingham Cemetery in care of Ferry Funeral Home.

Memories of Mom by Friends & Family

Guests and Memorials in Memory of Bertha Louise Brittingham

There are 19 memorials entered.
From Don McQueen,
My sincere condolences
From Paula Kraft Neal,
Galen,I was so sorry to hear that your mother had passed on. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.Sincerely,Paula Kraft Neal
From Sharon J. (Pilcher) Pettibon,
To the Family:The loss of a family member is never easy. Please know that your family is in my heart and prayers at this time of sorrow.May your memories live forever in your heart.Sharon J. Pettibon
From Winnie Murry,
To the family, My sincere sympathy for the loss of your loved one, especially to my wonderful daughter-in-law Kaye. She has told us many childhood stories of each and every one and I know she has deep love for all. May the loving memories of your dear mother be a comfort to all, Sincerely,Winnie
From John Pluckhahn,
Sorry to hear of your loss, Marilyn and family.Our deepest sympathy.John and Jean
From Pat Renwick,
Our sympathy and thoughts are with you all during this time.
From Wayne & Priscilla McReynolds,
Dear Barbara & Family,Our thoughts and love are with you during this sad and difficult time. You have our deepest sympathy.Priscilla & Wayne
From Terry & Donna Allen,
To the Family:We are so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother. I have many memories of running in and out of your house and she was always there to greet us with a smile. Our hearts and prayers are with each and everyone of you at this time.
From Bev & Jack Campbell,
Your Mother will be missed ... remember all of the good times that you have shared over the years.You are in our thoughts and prayers.
From Kristy Keeble,
To the Brittingham family: My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. I remember as a little girl visiting with Aunt Bertha and Uncle Stanley when they would work in Butler. Bertha would always have some type of candy for me. Love to you all, Kristy Keeble
From Sara Richardson Gelsinger,
Galen,So sorry to hear of your mothers passing. Willbe thinking of you.Sara Richardson Gelsinger
From Harold & Penny Reynolds,
Barbara & family,As your loved one enters the gates of Heaven, may GOD's gentle peace comfort your hearts! Know that you all are forever in our hearts, thoughts and prayers! GOD Bless You All!In HIS Love,Harold & PennyDalton Bates, Autumn Highley
From Kenny and Gwen Jones,
Barb, You are in our thoughts and prayers during this time of your life. You share a special love with your mother that is shared with no one else. It is never really gone but lives on in your memories. I know you will miss her. Gwen
From Marty Hergert,
Grandma,I will miss your laughter and expressions most of all. I spent many hours with you as a child and a have wealth of cherished memories of our time together. Thank you for your strength and caring. You will be in our hearts and minds forever.Love,Marty, Amy, and Flora
From Amy,
The first time I went to Nevada to meet Papa and Grandma, we spent lots of time looking at old photographs back at the house and telling stories. Bertha told me all about growing up on a farm in Butler and later raising six kids! She told me that her mother's name was Amy, and I think that's why she accepted me right away. Phew! I liked hearing Marty's story about how Grandma could guess a Wheel of Fortune clue with barely a letter or two on the board, and how he spent lots of time with Papa and Grandma when he was little while they worked their cleaning business. Even though Grandma was already feeling weak when she first met Flora, she always made room for her on her lap to talk to her or read her stories. We'll miss Grandma and be sure to keep her alive with our memories and stories.
From Barbara and Robert Cubbage,
When I think of Mom, the word "strength" comes to mind. She always used the word, "fortitude" to encourage us to keep going and not give up.
From Andrew Hergert,
Grandma,I still can't believe I won't be seeing you again. Will always remember you reading the signs in cartoons to me, before I could read. Even though we often missed them because they go by so fast. I will remember all the cherry mash and Kentucky fried chicken we ate. Here's to a better place,Love,Andrew
From Kaye Brittingham-Murry,
Mom, it has been an enduring 5 months for me personally since Dec. 6th, 2008 when you and Dad were admitted to the Care Center. I have not found the time yet to tell you how much I miss you and always will. I want to write all my memories to you and will do in the next days or weeks. Things happened so fast with you leaving us and then you took Dad with you only 28 days later. I know You, Dad and Marty are together in Spirit. We will see you again. My memory of you as the most wonderful Mom will follow. I can not even imagine Mother's and Father's Day with out you two to call or visit and say Happy Mother's Day or Happy Father's Day! It will be the beginning of 2 very difficult holidays for me.LOVE FOREVER, Kaye
From Shelley,
GrandmaGrowing up you were always there. Each moment we spent together will be special to me forever. You are in my thoughts everyday.I love you grandma.Love, Shelley

Beginning at The End

Bertha Louise Brittingham
Mar 11, 2008 Services Information

Bertha Louise Brittingham
Bertha Louise Brittingham, 86, Nevada, MO, passed away on Tuesday, March 11, 2008, at Moore-Few Care Center in Nevada following a lengthy illness. She was born September 13, 1921, in Butler, MO, to Robert Evans and Amy Cecil Miller Evans. She married Stanley Lee Brittingham on November 13, 1943, in Butler, MO, and he survives of Nevada, MO.
Bertha was born and raised in Bates County, MO. She resided in Nevada all of her adult life. Bertha was a member of the Community Christian Church, Nevada, MO. She was a homemaker and a loving wife and mother.
In addition to her husband Stanley, she is survived by two sons, Galen Brittingham, Tulsa, OK, and Thurman Brittingham, Rose Hill, KS; three daughters, Barbara Cubbage, Nevada, MO, Marilyn Mitchell, Independence, MO, and Kaye Brittingham-Murry, Kansas City, MO, 13 grandchildren, two great-granddaughters, and four sisters. She was preceded in death by one son, Marty Brittingham.
Graveside services will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 15, 2008, at Holmes Cemetery in Prescott, KS, with Dr. William Cox officiating. Friends may call now and until 9:30 a.m. Saturday, at Ferry Funeral Home, Nevada, MO.
Memorials may be given to Vernon County Cancer Relief in care of Ferry Funeral Home, Nevada, MO.