Monday, April 27, 2009

Marty's set of Brittingham pictures on Flick'r

Follow this link to more pictures from The Brittingham Family photo album scanned by Marty.

Dad the Tree Trimmer

This is Dad taking down a 50-60 foot tree. I think this was the tree he took down in my back yard at Palmer, not sure of the year? Seems to me Andrew was helping him and had to leave to work at Independence Center, so 2000/2001? Unbelieveable since he had heart surgery in Aug. 1999. He also took down a tree about the same size for their neighbor in Lee's Summit in July 2004.

Dad would put on his tree climbing gear then throw ropes into the tree to tie himself in and to hoist his power saw up to where he needed it. He then climbed to the top of the tree and would start cutting the branches and limbs off the top of the tree. After that he would work his way down and start cutting the larger limbs, tie a rope to them and drop them to the ground. After he cut the entire tree down he would cut up the tree into firewood size logs. Just makes me tired talking and thinking about it!

Dad became a Tree Trimmer when we lived on Cherry Street as a 3rd job. He worked full time on the Police Force and part-time Janitor work every evening or early morning (depending when he was on duty) Dad was the only one on the crew who would just climb up to the top of the tree and start cutting it down! The other men stood on the ground and helped him. He made a lot of money trimming trees. When we were kids and he had left the house early morning to a tree trimming job and we did not know where he was, we just jumped on our bikes and followed the sound of his power saw. I loved to watch him up in the tree's, he was like a Super Hero!

He was an amazing man and the hardest working person ever!

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Martha Braswell, our next door neighbor

I talk about Martha and Mac a lot but never have posted any pictures. I have none of Mac for he was always taking our picture. Martha was our next door neighbor on Cherry Street. She was older and never had any children. She was a retired music teacher from Cottery College and was working at Dr. Spencer's Optical shop on Cherry Street. When we moved to Cherry Street and met Martha she sort of "adopted" Marilyn and me. I guess she saw Mom and Dad with 6 kids and thought they would not miss a kid or two for short periods of time.

Martha was married to Maxwell Braswell, he either was an Attorney or a Banker, I can't remember. He lived and worked in Kansas City and traveled back and forth to Nevada. Martha aand "Mac" as we called him loved us! Martha would take us to Kansas City with her to visit Mac. We would hop on the Greyhound bus, she gave us experiences we would never had the opportunity if she had not taken us in.

Mac lived in an apartment in KC, on the East side around 35th street? Bill looked it up once in the Polk directory and we found the exact apartment. Since then I have lost the address. I was in the 1st/2nd grade Marilyn was 3rd/4th during this time. Martha and Mac bought us anything we wanted, clothes, toys, food. There was a picture of me holding a new Barbie Doll Mac had bought me on his front balcony, not sure where this picture is now?

They took us to The Plaza to Putsch's Cafeteria where outside was the Organ Grinder Man with his monkey who would walk up to us with a little tin cup to put money in, the Plaza Theatre (I remember the red carpet walk to our seats escorted by a gentleman dressed in a British solider-like uniform) the Zoo of course & baseballs games at the old KC stadium. They once tried to take us to Starlight but it was closed that night.

Oh the memories!

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Brittingham Family Trip to The KC Zoo '62, 1 car, 7 kids and Mom and Dad!

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Parent Mannequins

I finally found a date on the back of this picture, May 17th 2oo1
Dad had quadrupal heart surgery in Aug. 1999. Amazing how healthy he looks!
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I call this photo; My Family Mannequin's

I took this with my old 35 mm camera with black and white film. I think this was probably when Andrew was around 16 years old, so 2000/2001? Backyard 807 N. Main Steet, Dad was showing us the big tree he had taken down.
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Happy Birthday Galen!

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The Family Picture Album

Remember Mom and Dad's Family Photo Album, the big brown one? I will complete scanning all the pictures in it and post on Picasa Web Albums. If you would like to see the pictures here is the link

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shelley with her bag of "Baby Candy"

This was Dad's favorite picture of Shelley, it made him smile. Dad used to take Shelley to O.B. Market everyday to get her penny candy. Shelley would stand on the checkout counter and pick out the candy she wanted (of course with Papa, she could have anything she wanted) the daily trips became know as getting Shelley's Baby Candy. Oh, the Good Ole Days and Penny Candy!
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Summer in Iola Kansas

Marilyn found this picture, it was probably taken by Dad. 1963 swimming pool in Iola, Uncle Galen with back to us holding Kelly, Me, Thurman and Marilyn. God, I wish I was that skinny now!
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Not so good babysitter's!

After posting the little picture of Shelley I remembered the time Galen and I were left to babysit Shelley on a Sat afternoon. Mom, Dad & Thurman were cleaning the buildings, Marilyn was at work at J.C. Penney's. This was probably the summer of 1969, Shelley was taking a nap on Mom and Dad's bed, Galen and I were hanging around the house. Then Galen decided he wanted to go drive, he was turning 16 and wanted to practice. We just left the house wide open and hopped into the 67 mustang and headed out to the roads behind the State Hospital. Shortly after arriving, Galen was driving and all of sudden we both looked at each other and said "SHELLEY"!! We had walked out of the house, left the front door open with just the screen door shut and left Shelley on the bed sleeping!! We raced back to the house hoping we would beat Mom and Dad home!! Thank God she was O.K. and still asleep!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shelley Lynn Mitchell, Papa's Girl

Front Yard Main Street house summer 1969 taken by Debbie with Instant Polaroid Carmera. Posted by Picasa

Mom and Dad with Marty Oct. 25th 1971 & Flora 2006

Dad with Flora, 2006 Lee's Summit Mo house.
Dad and Mom with Marty, his birthday Oct. 25th 1971 at the Main Street house.

Mom with Flora summer 2006 Lee's Summit Mo

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Flora and Great Papa Brittingham Visit 2006

Dad with Flora summer 2006, Lee's Summit house
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

"A Nickel Cone and A Nickel Coke Please" and nutmeg on the cone" Thank You

Yesterday to kill a little time waiting to show a condo I stopped by Murray's Ice Cream Shoppe in Westport. At first I was heading to Sonic just to get an ice cream cone, then remembered Murray's. After $5.24 cents later I had 1 dip of Brownie/English Walnut ice cream in a waffle cone! That is about $4.00 more than Sonic's vanilla ice cream cone and $5.00 and 14 cents more than the Dairy Queen in the late 1950's when Dad would load all of us kids (and the neighborhood kids) up in the '53 Chrylser and take us to the Dairy Queen on Cherry Street, just 1 block off the square. He gave each of us a dime and we each placed our own order! Those were our "Happy Days!"

Murray’s Ice Cream & Cookies4120 Pennsylvania AvenueKansas City, Missouri 64111 (816) 931-5646

Operating in the same crevasse of Westport for 20 years makes Murray’s Ice Cream & Cookies an absolute institution in KC. Owner, Murray Nixon, still makes all of the ice cream in the shop by hand. Try her signature flavor Chocolate Flake Fromage and taste cream cheese flavored ice cream with flakes of chocolate chips throughout. A single dip cone is around $2. Other favorites are One Drunk Monk (chocolate, Frangelico, hazelnut) and Lemon Sorbet. Her flavors change daily, and she offers handmade cookies, ice cream sandwiches and Brown or Black Cows. Come when the sun goes down and see families, art students and neighborhood groupies all sitting outside together enjoying a collective creamy group hug. CLOSED: during the winter months, December-February, when open hours are Wednesdays-Sundays 12:00 noon to 10:30 pm.
Foo’s Fabulous Frozen

Mom and Dad married for 65 years die 27 days apart

Kansas couple married for 67 years die hours apart

TROY, Kan. (AP) -- Residents of a northeast Kansas town are mourning the deaths just hours apart of an elderly couple who were married 67 years. Arnita Yingling died in her sleep early Saturday at the family's home in Troy. She was 93. Six hours later her 95-year-old husband, Lyle, died at a nursing home in the nearby town of Wathena.
At their funeral Wednesday, friends and relatives described the two as inseparable. Some found comfort knowing neither would have to live without the other.
The Yinglings were married in 1941. Both were born on northeast Kansas farms and were active in Troy as members of their church and civic organizations.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Mom's today good morning forcast

Mom would say today "that sun is shining bright as can be and everything is really green! Your Daddy will have to start mowing."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

And the Meanest Looking Kid is???

Cherry Street Galen's friend and alley neighbor, Pat Kelly, Me and Marilyn.
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Summer Days

915 Cherry Street back yard. This probably was 1959 or 1960? On the glider Aunt Opal, Marilyn and Barbara.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

The Brittingham's Main Street Farm 1960's

Galen and Dad went to the Pet Store to buy a Monkey and came home with a wild Raccoon!

Galen at one time had 25 turtles in an old tractor tire in the back yard.

We had a pet pigeon, Homer. He was really cool! He would talk to us. We kept him in the utility room. One day Mom let him out and it started to rain and Homer did not come back. Debbie and I found him in the bottom of the neighbor's trash can killed by a dog.

Galen brought home a goat from the Sales Barn. He sold it to his friend.

Galen had 2 ponies in the back yard for a short period of time before Dad took them to Barbara and Robert's farm. Galen bought Lightning from the Sales Barn and he won Thunder in a contest at Foodtown.

Galen also brought home 2 rabbits, a black male and a white female who promptly had bunnies! Mom and I had to separate the Father rabbit from the babies because they kill them.

And we had a duck! Believe it or Not! The End

I asked these family cats, "What is it like to be part of The Brittingham Family?"


Makes me tired!

Just Snuggie!

A Little Timid?

Fight'n Wild!

Makes me what to climb to new heights!

Quite Dapper!

I don't know, I'm upside down and can't see!

Makes me want to be a contortionists!

Mom and Dad and Us 807 N. Main

Marty Says: This was Thanksgiving 2001. Amy's first trip to Missouri.
I will have to have Marty help me with the year? Amy took this picture, it was Christmas and it was before 2003 when they moved to Lee's Summit. Marty Help??

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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nevada/Cemetery Trip Wed. April 8, 2009

915 N. Main Street house, we moved here probably 1958. The house is different on the front, the windows and door are new. The warp around porch and columns are the same. This house, probably 1200 sq. ft. had 2 bedrooms, a screened in sleeping porch, hardwood floors, hugh living room and formal dining room. The kitchen was big, we had a basement, garage, play house and hugh yard. We walked to Franklin School. We were a block away from Cottey College. There was an alley in the back between Cherry Street and Austin Street where we played with the neighborhood kids. There were the Swagart's, Kelley's, Potter's and the Chew's. Martha, lived next door and Max would come down from Kansas City to visit. We could also walk uptown.
From the back of the Spring Street House was Spring Street Park. We would hike from the back of our house and play on Big Rock. Big Rock was a hugh rock between our house and Spring Street Park. Mom would make us pb&J sandwiches and we would hike to Big Rock and play all day!

Big Rock II.

Big Rock III.

Franklin School where all of us kids, except Thurman went from Spring Street and Cherry Street. I went to 1st and 2nd grade at Franklin. FranklinSchool is now a church, there are AC units in the windows, there was no AC when we went to school.

We visited the Court House.

Barbara and Marilyn in front of the Nevada Court House.

We stopped by the cemetery in memory of Dad who passed away one year to the day we visited. Marilyn brought Dad a white dove for the stone, Mom has a white angel.

We filled the vases with Easter flower's.