Thursday, October 27, 2011

Link to Family Pictures

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Charley's new bed

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Happy Birthday Marty!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Barbara

Aunt June had this picture of Barbara. Pam and Donna Mae gave it to me.
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Found-another Growing Up Brittingham picture

Pam Brittingham gave me this picture of Barbara. SO CUTE!
Mom school picture-notice they have the same hairstyles! Like Mother, like Daughter!
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

City National Bank and Trust Company Kansas City Mo 1950's

I went to the Library website to find out just exactly where The City National Bank and Trust Company where Mack worked was located in KC in the 50's and early 60's. It was at 9th and Grand  928 Grand Blvd. Funny thing, my office today is at 10th and Grand Blvd. 1050 Grand Blvd. One block from where Mack used to work! The bank is now UMB and is EXACTLY the same on the exterior as the 1959 picture! 

Childhood Memories 1959

Sometimes the time Marilyn and I spent with Mack and Martha Braswell in the late 50's and early 60's seems like a Fairy tale. We visited Mack in his apartment in KC. Recently I wondered where that apartment was in KC, so I stopped by the Down Town Library and this nice lady helped me with the microfilm of the city directory in 1959. The listing was: Mack and Martha Braswell, 609 E. 40th Street KCMO (supervisor City National Bank and Trust Co. KCMO) so I drove by and took pictures. I vaguely remember the apartment, I was 7 and Marilyn was 9 years old. I do remember riding the Greyhound bus to KC with Martha, having sandwiches in the bus depot and trips to the Zoo and Plaza in KC. I also remember taking the pictures of me and Marilyn with the new dolls Mack and Martha bought us on Mack's porch at the apartment. Oh so happy memories! 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

2000 Ford Focus For Sale

Today I listed Andrew's 1st car for sale, after 11 years and 118000 miles it is still a good car! This picture is Andrew picking up the Ford Focus at Blue Springs Ford August 2000 when he turned 16. It took him 5 years of payments but he paid it off and drove until he got his new 2010 Jetta VW in 2009.
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Nevada Mo Police Department 1955

WOW! I had never seen this picture of Dad and the other officers before! AWESOME-thanks Jim Baker for the memories! 
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Thorpe's Appliances courtesy of Jim Baker

If it was not for Mr. Thorpe giving Mom and Dad credit to by appliances we would have not had any! And our first color TV in 1960's! Thanks Thorpe family!

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Cole's Department Store 1901 and 1955 courtesy of Jim Baker

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Awesome old Postcard Nevada Mo 1955 courtesy Jim Baker

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PTA Grade School Chili Suppers

While flipping around on TV this evening I saw an ad for a Elementary School Chili Supper which brought back memories of the chili suppers at Bryan School. The PTA sponsored a annual chili supper, a bowl of chili and a slice of the everyone's Mom's homemade pies for 25 cents! I remember selling the tickets and Mom would always send 2 pies, one peach and one lemon meringue. All my friends loved Mom's pies! I delivered the pies by walking home from grade school and picking up the the pies freshly baked by Mom and walking back to school. I placed them on the stage in the auditorium/cafeteria for the chili supper that evening. What wonderful memories!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Columbus Day Holiday 2011

Flora: "Who is the holiday for on Monday? Captain America?"
Me: "No honey, Christopher Columbus."
Flora: "Oh right because if he didn't come here we wouldn't be here and he was a very nice person. He was cute and chubby."

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Nevada Mo postcard pictures courtesy of Linda Owens Nevada Mo (Jim Baker's sister)

All the postcards on The Nevada Mo Memory Lane postings are from Jim Baker Nevada Mo

I belong to a facebook site called "You know you are from Nevada Mo when...???

Like our site and have Nevada Mo connection-JOIN US! 

Jim Baker (Jrbakerjr)

Worked at Retired Jobshopper (Contract Engineer (Aerospace))Studied Mechanical engineering at Columbus State Community CollegeLives in Columbus, OhioKnows Hillbilly, American EnglishFrom Nevada, Missouri

Dad promoted to Lieutantant,2872309&dq=chief+of+police+stanley+brittingham&hl=en

Hotel Mitchell

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W.F. Norman Sheet Metal Factory Nevada Mo

The W. F. Norman Corporation is well known for its tin ceilings and stamped sheet metal products. The decorative tin ceilings, roofs, exterior siding and ornaments are widely used in new construction and renovation of residential and commercial buildings.
From its turn-of-the-century factory in Nevada, Missouri, the W. F. Norman Corp. uses original machinery and production methods. Panels are made one at a time on antique rope drop hammers, resulting in better quality control than modern hydraulic presses.
William Franklin Norman founded the W. F. Norman Sheet Metal Manufacturing Company in 1898. In 1978, grandson Franklin Norman sold the business to Robert Quitno. It is still run today by Bob’s family.

Visit >>Our Blog<< for periodic tin ceiling specials & close-out pricing on selected items!

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First Christian Church where Barbara and Christy got married

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The Nevada Mo Courthouse Postcard 1890's

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Where the Brittingham Kids, Kaye, Galen and Thurman were born and Grandkids, Steven, Christy and Shelley

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