Friday, February 26, 2010

Descendants of Jeremiah Brittingham 1700-2002

Always interesting reading!

The Brittingham Family Tree

A Little Something To Brighten Your Day!

This couple Fran & Marlo Cowan had been married for 62 years (As of Sept 2008) when this was posted on YouTube! I think this is just AWESOME, and a tribute to anyone who has been married forever or just married!

You can watch an explanation of shooting of this video as well as some interesting facts about the couple at:

Monday, February 22, 2010

Off To See The Grand Canyon! The Wonderful Grand Canyon of AZ

LENGTHWISE-Live Experiences Now! Great Things Happen When Inspiration Silences Excuses! Life is short! Dreams are now! Live life Lengthwise.

Murray's Family Farms Big Red Barn Farm Market and Company Headquarters - Hwy. 58 at General Beale Road, 18 Miles East of Bakersfield, California

We left Shelley and Ken's on Monday morning Jan. 11th. Our goal was to drive to Flagstaff and spend the night then get up and go to the Grand Canyon. We stopped in Bakersfield for lunch at Lengthwise Brewery. Nice local brewery with good food! We headed out again and needed to do a pitstop and noticed a big red barn at one of the exits off the interstate. Andrew said there may not be another place to stop for a while so we ended up at Murray's Farms, fruit and veggie market. We saw some unusual fruit, took some pictures, bought some fresh pecans and walnuts to snack on and headed on out.

After about 550 miles of driving (we were wearing down) we decided to stop in Needles CA.,_California
It was getting late so we stopped at the 1st motel, The Best Western (really they should change the name to The Worst Western!) It was an old out dated motel which sent us down the street to Juicy's Cafe for breakfast. Juicy's Famous River Cafe 2411 W Broadway St, Needles, CA
"... a last chance stop for a great meal for 150 miles. Juicy's Famous River Cafe

We were now headed to "Get Our Kicks on Router 66"!!
 Next stop Williams AZ.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Barbara's Valentine Day Cookies VS Martha Stewart

Yesterday on Valentine's Day Barbara brought Christy, Me, Andrew and the Pizza Bella's employee's her ABSOLUTE VERY BEST COOKIES IN THE WHOLE WORLD! YUMMY! When I took them into Pizza Bella last evening the employee's were so excited! They said "you remembered" than said these are "too professional" to be made by your sister (you bought these)?? So I put Barbara's decorated cookie along side a picture of Martha Stewart's! Barbara's wins hands down! No comparsion, sorry Martha! And how many have I have since last evening?? 2 last night with a big glass of milk! 2 for breakfast! and just finished 2 more for dessert! Melt in your mouth good! Thank You Barbara! We love you and your baking!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Road Trip-The Beginning Jan. 6th 2010 Portland OR to Shelley & Ken's Sacramento CA

 On Wed. Jan. 6th I flew to Portland OR to help Andrew pack up his condo, post furniture on craigslist for sale and load the car up to move back to KC. Andrew picked me up at the airport and we went to
for a very nice dinner and visit since we had not seen each other for 5 months!

That evening we posted the furniture on craigslist and got most of it on Fri. and Sat. On Sat. Jan. 9th we loaded the car and roofbag, added the cat and headed out to Shelley's in Sacramento! We drove to Eugene OR and stopped at a local Brewery in a Historical building downtown Eugene

On our road trip from KC to Portland we made it a custom to stop at local Breweries (not because we are lushes) but generally they are located in historical areas and buildings and ALWAYS have good food! I plan to blog each one we stopped and visited. Keep posted-coming soon!

We made it to Medford OR.
 exhausted and too foggy to continue on we stopped and spent the night at a very nice Holiday Inn Express.

On Sun we drove to Shelley and Ken's where Andrew and Shelley made us a steak dinner. We watched the movie UP
played with the dogs and crashed early for the big drive the next day to the Grand Canyon.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Everything changed when you kids left"

Both Mom and Dad said this many, many times even right before they passed away. I think of this song everytime I recall them sadly saying this to me.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fairyland Park; Dad's Story of a Wonderful Car Trip To Kansas City

I remember Dad always telling us in the early 1960's about an amusement park in Kansas City and how we all were going to go one day. I dreamed of this park and the fun we would have! We never got to go, but it kept me dreaming and hoping of the trip for a long time. I still remember him telling us about Fairyland Park, it was like a billion miles away and just as well might had been.

Kansas City, Mo.

1923 - 1977

* * *

While on a business trip to Kansas City recently, I looked up the locations of the three defunct amusement parks that I had heard of.

What's left of Fairmont Park (1897-1930s) seems to be just a grassy picnic-type public park. And a housing complex now stands where Electric Park (1907-1925) was once located, leaving no remains of the park.
However, there are still a few crumbled remains of the third park, Fairyland.

Fairyland opened in 1880 as a trolley park. It was built at the south end of the Prospect Ave. trolley line, at 75th St. and Prospect Ave.

It was a great park that had everything; a wooden roller coaster, games, pool, dancing, picnic area, kiddie and adult rides.

Fairyland was owned by the Brancato family, who loved the park so much, they chose to live inside it.

The original wooden coaster "Sky Ride" lasted until 1966. It suffered damage from an intense wind storm in late summer of '66 when the back "turn-around" collapsed. A new, steel "Wildcat" coaster was built for the 1967 season.
In its day, the park was hit by a few disasters. There was a fire in 1938 and lightning struck and damaged a ride in 1942.
But, even so, Fairyland stood as the only amusement park in Kansas City for about 50 years.

Worlds of Fun Amusement Park was built in 1973. And, even though they were at opposite ends of the city, almost 20 miles apart, Fairyland quickly fell to the newer, more modern Worlds of Fun.

Mario Brancato passed away in April of 1977. After a successful season, Fairyland closed in September, 1977. When it was hit by a tornado in 1978, Fairyland never again opened its gates.

The steel coaster was disassembled and trucked down to Frontier City in Oklahoma City in 1988 where it is now the star attraction. The ferris wheel was relocated to an unknown location.

** Some of the above information was supplied by Chuck Fisher, a former Fairyland employee.

Trolley Park was the term used to define a park that was built at the end of a trolley line. Usually at the outskirts of town.

In the days before automobiles were widely affordable, people in the cities took trolleys to work, shopping, etc., during the week. But, trolley companies found that their weekend ridership would sag.

So they came up with the idea to build parks at the end of their lines to prompt people to ride on the weekends, too.

People could now enjoy the trolley ride to the scenic suburbs for an afternoon of fun in the countryside.

Most of these parks died in the 1930's, due in part to the Depression, and in part to the popularity of the automobile making more diverse destinations possible.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Grandma Brittingham & Aunt Opal Mae's Brownie Cake 1940's-2010

I was putting together some Brittingham family receipes for Flora since she has a new kitchen of her own. One of the family receipes dates back to our Grandma Brittingham and our Aunt Opal Mae. Barbara continues the tradition of the Brownie cake, many times you can just drop by her house and there is one freshly baked on the shelf in the pantry!
So here is the SECRET RECEIPE!

Great Grandma Brittingham &

Aunt Opal’s Mae’s Brownie Cake 1940-1980

Revised by Aunt Barbara Lee 1980-2010

Heat to boiling (in microwave)

1 stick Oleo

4 Tablespoons Cocoa

½ cup oil

1 cup water


2 cups sugar

2 cups flour


(or use regular milk & add 2 Tablespoons

of “Real Lemon Juice”)

2 eggs (beaten) SLIGHTLY!

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

¼ teaspoon salt

1 teaspoon soda

1 teaspoon soda

1 teaspoon vanilla





1 stick oleo (softened)

4 Tablespoons Cocoa

1 Box Powdered Sugar

¼ cup milk