Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"A Long Time Coming" The White Ski Coat

When I was in the 8th grade my girlfriends all had new white ski coats. I really wanted one but my parents could not afford to get me one. So my big brother Marty wanted to help me get one. He worked after school and weekends at Richardson's Office Supply and said I could have the change from his check each week to save to get the coat.
Needless to say Marty and I never succeeded in getting the coat for he was killed in a car accident that summer. I just bought a white ski coat "finally"  like the one I wanted when I was a teenager. It brings back the wonderful memories of having a loving, caring big brother like Marty. Sadly missed everyday of my life.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Flora's Birthday Necklaces from Gram K

4th-I ordered online which started the tradition.
5th birthday-I personally made

                           6th birthday-I personally made  

   7th-I ordered from a lady on Etsy to which she made a 7 necklace and mailed to Flora. The only problem was she attached the 7 backwards!?? Questioning how this was done I called her and ordered a new 7 necklace. Picture is of backward 7 necklace.
8th I personally made

When Flora was 4 years old I gave her a 4th birthday necklace. This started a tradition. Every year since I have either ordered her a birthday necklace or personal made one.

9th I made and is currently on it's way to Flora for her 9th birthday.