Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brittingham Hixon Lumber Company

We might be related? Thomas Evans (funny that was Mom's maiden name) Brittingham was born to Dr. Irvin Baird and Mary J. League Brittingham on May 18th 1860 in Hannibal, Mo. So maybe distant??? He started out with us "poor" Brittingham's of Mo. Both Thomas's Father and Grandfather were doctors. Thomas attended Hannibal College. He finally relocated to Wisconsin in 1885, where he founded the Brittingham and Hixon Lumber company, which expanded to a chain of 24 lumber yards in several states. The company became one of the largest retail lumber yard chains in the country. Let's go visit Madison and pretend we are the "wealthy" Madison Brittingham's for a day!

Portland on a Xanax a Day!

I am starting a new blog-PORTLAND ON A XANAX A DAY! Longer traffic lights due to competing with Mass Transit System, Bicycles, mass amounts of people walking EVERYWHERE! Not to mention fighting the homeless at the cans, glass and plastic bottles smelley, trashey, icky recycling drop off stations! 4 times trying to drop off 1 container full of bottles! I took the remaining cans and bottles and gave it to a homeless guy! He acted like he had just won the lottery! Andrew will be donating his 5 cents a bottle to the Milepost 5 Recycling Center! Flying to KC tomorrow, Andrew will be on his own and probably will do a lot better without me and my stressing out!

About The Brittingham Family Lantern Slide Collection

About The Brittingham Family Lantern Slide Collection

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Brittingham's Of Madison Lantern Slides 1897-1922, Travels to 22 States & 32 Countries! WOW! Most Interesting Reading!

The collection consists of the personal and travel photographs of the Brittinghams from the years 1897-1922. These images
capture the private lives of a wealthy family at the turn of the century, and document their travels.

The Kodak camera, introduced in 1888, was the first to employ roll film. It was also the easiest to operate (the Eastman Company's slogan was ("You press the button, we'll do the rest"). In 1968 several wooded boxes containing lantern slides and film and glass plate negatives were discovered in the attic of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (former Brittingham home, it currently serves as the official residence of the UW System President). It was determined there were 1847 slides in the collection and the calculated value was $2,820.00-the cost of producing that many glass plate slides ($1.50 per slide at that time) plus the value of the cases holding the slides. This unique collection's intrinsic social and historical value far surpasses that estimate. Today the collection contains 1,845 slides; two have been lost over the years, 1.620 of those images have been digitized for this online collection.

Lantern slides were popular way to view and share photographs in the early 1800's. Until I read this article I never knew what a "Lantern slide" was.

Saturday, February 18, 2006
Brittingham Family Lantern Slide Collection
Travelling Priest in Kyoto Travelling Priest in Kyoto (1898, Kyoto, Japan, Glass lantern slide). From the Brittingham Family Lantern Slide Collection. "...This collection consists of the personal and travel photographs of the Brittinghams, a prominent and influential Wisconsin family. Spanning the years 1897-1922, these images capture the private lives of a wealthy family at the turn of the century, and document their travels to 22 states and 32 countries. The subjects of this collection range widely from informal pictures of children at play to detailed interior shots of the Brittingham homes. Scenic landscapes, cityscapes, and street scenes from around the world are in abundance. The Brittinghams traveled from the Grand Canyon to Eastern Asia, and everywhere captured particulars of dress, architecture, and locomotion.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Marty Junior High School Picture

43 Years Ago Aug. 27 1966 Dad Wanted Us To Remember Marty Every Year On This Day

At about 2:00 a.m. early that Sat. morning, Debbie and I were camping out in the '53 Chrysler in the garage. We were in the backyard talking on the back porch step and then Midnight, our dog started barking, we heard sirens going for a long time which was very unusual in Nevada. I then heard the phone ring, then I heard Mom screaming and crying, I ran in the back garage door into the kitchen she was screaming "call an ambulance!" she looked at me and she said "Marty is dead" Dad was on the phone talking to Ingles Ferry. Mr. Ferry called Dad and said "I have your son's body here, he was killed in a car accident, you need to come up and identify his body and pick up his personal items (billfold, change, car keys) it was getting close to 3:00 a.m. Debbie ran home when she heard Mom screaming and crying. Dad was in a daze, shock. They both got dressed and went to the funeral home, I stayed downstairs by myself. They identified Marty, picked out a casket and then came home. I had went up stairs and told Marilyn Marty was killed in a car accident. Galen and Thurman were asleep in the little bedroom, Dad told me not to wake them up. Mom remembered she had not paid the insurance payment for a burial plan they had for the entire family, it was $1.00 a month for each of us. So she wrote the check out and Dad and I went up to the post office to mail it. As the morning sun rose that unforgettable devastating morning, Galen was coming down the stairs, I will never forget Dad looking up at him and saying "Marty will not be coming home ever again" Then Thurman came down and Dad told him the same, Thurman did not understand he was only 10. He came to me and said "will Marty be sitting with us at the funeral thing" Dad had waited until about 6:00 a.m. to call Barbara and Robert, they came in immediately. Dad called Uncle Galen and Aunt Opal to help with the funeral arrangements. Then about 10:00 that day the Swan family came to our house on Dad's request to find out what happened?

Ron Swan, Marty's friend had been drinking and driving and wildly headed out on 71 highway from the White Grill after a dance at the pavilion where they met their girlfriends from Butler. Ron had a fight with his girlfriend about midnight. Leaving the dance in their car, stopping at The White Grill they headed home to Butler. Ron jumped in his car to try and catch them. Marty, Jerald and Alan Plamer tried to stop him. Marty and Jerald were worried about him so they got in the car with him. Marty was in the middle of the front and Jerald beside him. The car was a 1966 red Dodge sedan, no seat belts in 1966, no safety glass and a metal dash. What Mr. Atkinson, the Highway Patrolman, Dad's friend and former co-worker when Dad was a Policeman and our neighbor down main street worked the accident. Dad also requested him to over come to the house and talk. I hid behind a tree by the driveway and listened. He said Ron was going at speeds up to 120 miles per hour, near Rich Hill he missed the curve, lost control of the car, the car hit a mound of dirt between the new 4 lane highway and flipped at least 3 times and landed upside down. Marty was thrown through the window and then the car rolled again and hit him. He was alive after the accident and was talking, Jerald said he was saying "God help me" Mr Atkinson also said "if Marty had been taken to the hospital immediately he would have lived, he bleed to death" There was no life saving ambulances in Nevada in 1966, the County Counter which was Ingles Ferry responded and pronounce Marty dead at the accident scene.

Dad also requested Jerald come over to the house after Jerald got out of Butler hospital, he was thrown out the passenger door and only had "minor" injuries. I was over across the street at Donna Stark's front porch that morning and I saw Jerald walk up to our house and go in to talk to Dad and Mom. Jerald did not attend Marty's funeral, he used the excuse he was to injured in the hospital to go. Funny, he never even had a scratch on him that I noticed.The talk around town was that Marty's guy "Bart Lytel" that cut his hair was called to the funeral home to style Marty's "Beatle" style hair. He used several combs and was selling them to Marty's friends??

Marty's funeral was on the next Tuesday, the first day of school in Nevada. Barbara had taken all us kids to J.C. Penney's on the square and bought me and Marilyn dresses and Galen and Thurman suits to wear to the funeral.

Every anniversary of Marty's accident Dad would relive the entire accident. He told Mom that "none of us cared or remembered" I told Mom we could never forget.

Monday, August 24, 2009

We're Here!

Andrew and I made it to Milepost 5 via Denver, Boise, Salt Lake City and Gresham OR. The cost of the trip and setting up Andrew's condo has been astronomical! I have spent everything I have made in commissions lately which was about $5000.00. If anyone could help it would be very must appreciated. Andrew could also pay you back when he gets a job. Reality hit for us when we when down by the river to the Goodwill super store and there was a village of homeless people. Andrew's new address is 900 NE 81st Ave. Portland, OR 97213. I would have liked to used Mom and Dad's money, but Bill and I needed it to live on since the real estate market took the big hit! I guess I never thought of not having money until now and I am a little scared! I will post pictures later of the road trip.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Andrew turns 25!

Andrew's 25th birthday was last Friday, August 7th. This is my favorite picture of Andrew! Love the crop top and knee high socks! He also has a whistle around his neck that Papa Brittingham gave him. This picture was taken at Galen's getto apartment in Kansas City Kansas when he was an Intern at a Law Firm there in 1987.
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25 year class reunion 1995

I went to my class reunion and was voted the "Most Changed" umh!!! Wonder why?? Probably because I was a tall, skinny & homely teenager with no direction. Anyway went I showed up at the reunion, I looked "hot" (I thought) kinda like that Master Card Commerical-Priceless! This is my prize for the title of Most Changed-any teenager from Nevada knows what this means. A covented prize, the mug was designed by Pam Chew.
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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Who will be Andrew's new neighbors?

MP5, The Community
Phase 1, The Lofts building has passed 50% occupancy and is growing. A vibrant community is forming with artists and creatives from a wide range of disciplines. Current (4.09) residents include: a poet and writer, two chefs, a college gallery, musicians, a sound artist, a conceptual artist, several painters, two experimental theater groups, and a photographer.
The new residents have brought with them a shared passion for creative pursuits, lifestyle, employment, and ambitions. It is exciting to see the Milepost 5 Community for Creatives becoming an actual, active, engaged community with a plethora of creative projects going on.
If you want to stay informed about what the community is up to as it grows, sign up for our Newsletter on the right side of this page.→ → → → → → →
The Newsletter will feature a new resident quarterly. The current featured resident can be seen here.
Find out what Milepost 5 residents are up to on the residents page and on the social network site that Milepost 5 established up for their use:
Don't miss the residents' curatorial program for The Lofts' common spaces. New shows open every other month.