Saturday, June 27, 2009

1960's Hairstyling tools! OOCH!

The way one achieved a Sixties hair style is through suffering. Although the woman pictured above comes complete with cold cream, her curlers are the right size.

We actually slept in these Coke can sized rollers. Every night. Looking back, I can't believe we did that, nor can I offer much advice as to how to get used to it. Perhaps it is a testament to the notion that you can get used to anything.

Please note - no blow dryers. We did not have that luxury. Oh, no, we sat under these monster hair dryers like the one pictured at left. You could read, but that was tough because you had to hold your head upright which meant you had to hold the book up by your face. You could watch TV, but not if you cared about the sound. These dryers were as loud as freight trains so you couldn't hear the TV. And no, we didn't have headphones.

Fortunately, we only used these for special occasions. Otherwise you just slept in your rollers. But if you had a hot date, you washed and rolled your hair and sat under the dryer - for say an hour depending on length.

We did have electric rollers (below) but they didn't give the poof that wet rolled and dryed delivered.

A word about the spit curls seen in many styles. you could use a hair clip or bobby pin and set just that strand. Or you could tape it to your face in exactly the curl size desired. Yes, you read that right. Plain old household tape did the trick.

I remember Dippity-Do! It was a 60's Thing!

Dippity-do Setting Gel by Gillette By Summer Storm 
Dippity-do Setting Gel by Gillette

Dippity-do was a hair gel, usually applied before rolling hair in curlers.

Sometimes it was used to smooth down bangs or fly-away hairs.

Its translucent pink appearance, unique smell and gelatinous consistency

conjure up memories of childhood in the 50s and 60s. Regular Dippity-do

was translucent pink; Extra Holding Dippity-do was translucent green and was

described as “for body...easier setting.”

The Regular Dippity-do label reads:

“After Shampooing – apply to damp hair – comb through, set

Or apply to each strand as you roll. Between Shampoo Styling – apply each stand of

dry hair as you roll; or use to smooth wild hairs, flatten bangs, etc. The Gillette Company,

Personal Care Division, Chicago, Ill 60654 Made in U.S.A.”

The Extra Holding label reads: “This fresh, cool gel makes winding faster, easier.

Hair feels clean…has body. Sets last longer. After Shampooing – apply to damp hair –comb through,

then set. Or – apply to each strand as you roll. Remember – a little Dippity-do

gives you a lot of hold. Between Shampoos – apply directly to dry hair, strand by strand as you roll.

For Styling – use a tiny bit on fingertips to smooth “wild” hairs, flatten bangs, hold flip-ups, etc.

The Gillette Company, Toni Division, Chicago, Illinoies 60654 Made in the U.S.A.”

You can still find it on-line but it is now owned by the White Rain company and it doesn’t seem to

come in the color pink we all knew and loved. Here’s a link to see how Dippity-do looks now.

Fancy a jar of the original formula? They are very difficult to find but, once located, can be

had for well under $10. And talk about long lasting hold! Both 40 year-old jars that I have

found have retained their consistency and unforgettable aroma.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brittingham's Irish Pub in PA-somehow Brittingham does not sound Irish to me??

Some day I am going to go visit Brittingham's and Madison Wisconsin home of the wealthy East Coast Brittingham's

Monday, June 22, 2009

Dad & The Heat

ALERT 1 - Non Precipitation Advisory
Issued: Monday, June 22, 2009 1:37 PM CDT
Expires: Monday, June 22, 2009 11:00 PM CDT

Today was very hot and humid! 96 degrees feels like 102! Days like this remind me of Dad mowing and trimming trees. Not even this excessive heat would stop him! NEVER!

I watched him many times at the buildings and the cemetery when he would start mowing and weed eating he would start and not stop until he was finished with perfection! He would wear long sleeve shirts, long pants and boots. He would not take a drink of water until he was finished. Then he would say to me "Kaye, hand me that thermos jug full of water" which held a gallon and he would drink it all at once! Then home to take a long cool shower, play his favorite songs on his cassette player, put on some comfortable clothes and start cooking supper. What a fun and wonderful time with Dad I did not realize at the time was so "classic" and unforgettable!

Dad also told me many times the story of working laying rail road ties in the heat like today. A day like today would spark the rememberence of the story everytime! He said he made 50 cents an hour, not shade to be found for a break except under the rail road cars. Then the finalle' when the water boy thought it would be funny to throw a bucket of cold water on day at the end of the long hot work day. Dad said it shocked him so he instantly punched the kid and knocked him out! I was thinking today wait driving around KC where Dad spent some time as a teenager and told me of going to "Theatre Row" for 10 cents there were 4 different theatres showing different movies all day and he could watch movies all day for 10 cents! Those were the days!

Marty's first birthday Oct. 25, 1971

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Charley's first birthday June 20, 2009

More Charley Party pics at

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Flora's Brittingham Sweet Treat Face!

A true "Brittingham" loves their sweets! popcicles, watermelon, ice cream, candy bars, cookies, cakes, pop, etc! YUM! YUM!
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gucci Flora ~ perfume

Posted by Robin on 30 April 2009
Flora is lighter, the floral scent of course evokes a younger consumer, and she has a hedonistic, daring side. I don’t want to say that Flora is the daughter of Gucci by Gucci but maybe the younger sister.*
That’s Frida Giannini, Gucci’s creative director, explaining how Gucci’s new Flora fragrance fits into the larger scheme of things. I’m guessing she didn’t want to call Flora the daughter of Gucci by Gucci because she didn’t want to position Gucci by Gucci as so very old as all that, but in fact the two are light years apart — as near as I can tell, the “woods for women” / “masculine notes for women” (or whatever you want to call it) trend that Gucci by Gucci rode in on is over almost before we had time to adjust to it. Flora smells very of-the-moment: it’s light, clean, fresh and pretty, which I hope is what perfume consumers were after this spring because there’s plenty of it on the counters at the moment.
The notes for Flora are listed as citrus, peony, rose, osmanthus, pink pepper, sandalwood and patchouli, but they don’t matter too much: this is a sheer, almost-sparkling floral, very pale and clean, in which nothing stands out other than the peony, and even that only for a short while. It smells like it’s been through a rigorous series of focus groups designed to ensure that it would not ruffle feathers on anybody anywhere: there’s nothing sharp in the citrus-y opening, it’s floral but not too floral (don’t let the rose and osmanthus scare you, they’re mostly MIA), it’s vaguely peach-y but not too fruity, it’s sweet-ish but not too sweet. The “sandalwood” and “patchouli” in the base need not worry anybody who doesn’t like sandalwood or patchouli: the base is a fairly bland woody musk. The consumer who loves Flora might well have a hedonistic, daring side, but she apparently prefers to not to express it through her fragrance.
It has an ageless quality: it’s obviously geared towards someone young — mid-20s, perhaps? — but it would not feel out of place on a 5 year old or a 95 year old. If I had to explain how Gucci Flora fits into the larger scheme of things, I’d call it the still-cheerful older sister of Marc Jacobs Daisy. It’s massively pleasant, the bottle is nice, and the commercial is wonderful — I should think that’s enough, right? As March said at Perfume Posse, you could do worse.
Gucci Flora is available in 30, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Toilette, and can be found most anywhere.
* Quote via Women’s Wear Daily, 12/5/2008.