Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanksgiving 2001

Marty emailed me this picture today. It was taken by Amy and the last picture of all of us together. So glad we have this picture!
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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Fwee an a Haf-Flora update by Amy from Family Files

Flora officially turned three and a half this month, although when asked, she tells everyone she is five. She is forever verbal, talking non-stop from sunup to sundown, with her usual list of demands, fantastical stories, and continual questions. She is learning to write letters and numbers, can spell and write her name, and can do basic addition on her hands. She loves to play in her sand box where she makes the most delicious pies, ride her multitude of bikes and cars in the driveway where she travels to Target, dress her babies and stuffed animals (always named Polly), pretend she is an animal (bear, cat, and dog are her favorites), loves to read, and is finally loving her little brother (”I just love him in the whole world!”). The potty humor has emerged (oh the endless ways the word “poop” can be worked into a word or sentence), along with some real sass and defiance that makes us wonder if she is actually thirteen and not three. Her favorite color is pink, only wants to wear “twirly” dresses of her choosing, and gives daily hairstyle requests. She’s able to — demands to — do things by herself, like getting dressed and brushing her teeth. Her favorite foods are macaroni with milk and butter (a comfort food from my Mom’s side) and crusty bread toasted. She personifies her stuffed dog Rusty and brings him with her everywhere — the subject of many a story, he NEVER hits nor needs a time out, and currently works at Trader Joe’s. Flora is super imaginative and has a steel-trap memory on which she will recall the most amazing details from long ago. Her favorite shows (this week) are Phineas and Ferb and Spongebob Squarepants. And she has a best friend at school named Ruby — the two of them together are as silly as they come.
View Flora and Charley’s “Sand and Popsicle” photos

Here's Charley! From Family Files by Amy
Check out The 30th anniversary of Little Tikes Cozy Coupe!
We picked up this 1970s Little Tikes Cozy Coupe at the thrift store for $2.50, and I think it might be the best $2.50 we ever spent. It took Charley no time at all to figure out how to open the door, climb in, sit down, beep the horn, and turn the steering wheel. When I handed him my keys, he immediately tried to put them in the “ignition.” Obviously he sees and hears everything we do (note to self: might be a good time to stop swearing). He has been taking lots of unassisted steps in a Frankenstein-like way, but still gets around by crawling the majority of the time. We started him at the YMCA daycare in the Ladybug Room (where Flora started) — he loves to snuggle in the pile of stuffed animals, dive in and out of the ball crawl, and play on the playground. Yesterday Flora taught him “Ow” and if you say “Ow,” he’ll either say “Ow” or give you a little smack. He says “A-dah” for Daddy, “Mama” for Mommy, “Cah” for Cat, “Dahy” for Doggy, “Hah” for Hi, “Ow” for Ow, “BiyBiy” for Bye-Bye, and “Da” for everything else. If he sees something he likes or wants, he shakes his head yes in confirmation. He has five front teeth in now and a back molar on it’s way. He is forever pointing at pictures and objects to “ask” what they are. He laughs the hardest at his big sister’s antics. And yes, he is STILL a wicked Mama’s boy.
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From Family Files, Flora's A Princess!

I never thought she would be so "girlie" girl or I would have not given away my Barbie collection and saved them for her!
Written by Amy:
Flora’s friend from school, Alice, celebrated her fourth birthday at Sugar Plum Parties in Stoneham. The girls dressed up like fairy princesses, got their nails painted and hair styled, stuffed animals of their choosing, danced on the stage under the disco ball, played bingo, did the limbo, decorated cookies, and had a cake and pink lemonade tea party while hearing a story. There certainly was no shortage of pink, purple, and glitter!
View Flora’s “Alice’s Fairy Princess Party” photos

Monday, July 20, 2009

Marty with Tracey Allen Nevada 1971

I just found my old neighbor and friend, Donna Stark-Allen on facebook-I remembered this picture of her daughter and Marty way back when! My friend Debbie (Marty's Godmother) and I had went to visit Donna and Tracey at their house in Nevada. Notice the Art Deco pink tile and the cool vinyl floor!
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Charley & Flora 1st Birthday Pictures in Birthday Chair

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Perfect Brittingham Title-ANYTHING GOES!!

Last evening my friend Lisa and went to Anything Goes,
couresty of my builder/developer and Central Bank of KC.
We had front row seats and VIP parking! It was a beautiful starlite night! We had Bratwurst and Beer and what a fantastic performance! Lisa is from Chicago and her parents were drama and musical majors and teachers! Her entire family is very socially versed on the theatre! I told her being from the poor Brittingham family of Missouri we were not exposed to such social experiences. I enjoyed it so much! I would love to go back to Chicago the musical but I think Andrew and I will be on the road to Portland.
JULY 13-19, 2009 at 8:30 p.m.
The Kansas City Star
The passengers sailing on the S.S. American from New York to England are an unusual lot. Among them are a gangster, an evangelist turned nightclub crooner, a society debutante, wealthy businessman and many more! The madcap antics of a love triangle at sea, a myriad of mistaken identities and a lively Cole Porter musical score, including "You're the Top," "I Get a Kick out of You" and "It's De-Lovely," make for a special night of energy and entertainment. Get ready to join in the fun as this cast of characters dances its way across the Atlantic - and onto the Starlight stage!
ANYTHING GOES made its debut on Broadway in 1934, with the legendary Ethel Merman in the role of Reno Sweeney, the nightclub singer. A 1988 revival on Broadway, starring the acclaimed Patti LuPone, garnered 10 Tony Award nominations and three wins -- Best Revival, Best Choreographer and Best Featured Actor for Bill McCutcheon as the gangster Moonface Martin.
Starlight Theatre will produce this classic American musical comedy and hold auditions in early 2009 in Kansas City and New York for principal actor roles. Look for information on ANYTHING GOES audition dates and locations to be posted soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome To Andrew's New Home! Milepost 5, Portland OR

The Manor of Art
Over 100 artists have been invited to turn the yet-to-be-renovated rooms of The Studios building into three floors of installations and exhibits. This 10-day festival will include live music by local bands, theater and performance art, artist round tables, and daily guided tours of the 100+ exhibits. The Studios is phase 2 of Milepost 5, formerly the Baptist Manor Retirement Home which was founded on the property in 1915.
Event Times and Dates:
Opening Event: 6-9 pm Friday, August 14.
Gallery hours: 1-7pm daily, Galleries open until 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays.
Guided docent tours of exhibits: 2pm daily.
Music by various local bands: Friday 14th: 6-9pm, Saturday 15th: 3-9pm and Friday 21st: 6-9pm, Saturday 22nd: 3-9pm
Artist Round Tables: 2pm Sundays Aug. 16th and 23rd.
Closing Event: 3pm Sunday August 24th. Artists and Neighbors BBQ and Picnic.
Sponsors include: MySpace, Tri-Met, Nike, Weiden+Kennedy, Rogue Brewery, Beam Development.
A production of Portland City Art and Milepost 5
Event details:

MP5, Programs and Events
Milepost 5 is a Community for Creatives. The vision is for much more than a building where people with common interests are neighbors. We want to bring creative individuals together and empower them as a group; providing an infrastructure of programs and events that allows the community to showcase its work and provides the community with resources.
While Milepost 5 has already started exciting curatorial and residency programs and hosted some very successful events with formidable guest curators; the largest part of the project lies ahead.
The first phase of the project, The Lofts, is complete with 54 live / work units with, common spaces, a basement for storage, and community garden space. The second phase of the project, The Studios, will be more than twice as large. The 54,000 square foot facility will have up to 103 work and live/work rental spaces as well as considerable common and commercial space. The plans for The Studios include a restaurant, performance venue, gallery spaces, creative business space, and a number of other possibilities.
To develop programs and events for this large, diverse, mixed-use community space, the creative director is working with a wide range of individuals to design creative programming that best utilizes the existing infrastructure and best suits a creative community's needs.
Milepost 5 Programs is a 501c3 non-profit organization registered under the Portland Preservation Trust
Find out more:
Creative Direction & Development for Programming & EventsMilepost 5's Creative Director, Gavin ShettlerPast Events at Milepost 5The Milepost 5 Community's Curatorial ProgramThe Milepost 5 Artist Residency ProgramMore About Phase 2, The Studios

MP5, The Residents
As of April 2009, more than half of the 54 spaces in The Studios are occupied. The community includes a diverse range of creative individuals involved in a wide array of creative pursuits. They include a poet and writer, two chefs, a college gallery, musicians, a sound artist, a conceptual artist, several painters, a photographer, two experimental theater groups, a nonprofit media group, and participatants in the residency program.
Milepost 5, The Lofts Residents TJ Norris and Sara Cella are curating rotating exhibits in The Lofts common spaces. MP5³ and Hallways. Check out the Curatorial Program page for more info & event dates.

Andrew's 18th birthday Aug 7, 2002 and The March of The Teddy Bears Parade

An ABC Adventure! Have fun coloring 26 bears from the 2002 March of the Teddy Bears in this special collection based on the original artist's bear desgins.
This was The American Express Bear-I think the bear and I look like twins!

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Bill and Andrew May 2003

Celebrating Andrew's High School Graduation and Kansas City Art Institution Merit Scholarship!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Galen's PJ's

Another item from Belles Hess Catalog. Mom ordered Galen and Thurman pajamas that you could personalized. I do not know if Galen remembers what he personalized his with??? If you would like to know-just email me.
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