Sunday, January 29, 2012

My teenage Art by Kay

These drawings were done on Missouri Public Service paper I found in the trash and drawn in the back room while I waited for Mom and Dad to clean the offices. Maybe this is where Andrew got his artistic talent?? LOL!

Now this is a CUPCAKE!

OK-for my next birthday this is the cake I want! Anyone listening??
And a 1967 Frost Turquoise Mustang-THANK YOU ;-)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Flora's Birthday Necklace Story

For Flora's 4th birthday I got her a age 4 birthday necklace on Etsy. The next Oct while visiting Flora asked me if I would get her a necklace for her 5th birthday, I said "Flora I will get you a necklace for every one of your birthday's until you turn 18!" Well I forgot I had said this but Flora hadn't! Amy emailed me about 10 days before Flora's 5th birthday and told me that Flora told her I was getting her a 5th birthday necklace. I sprang into gear with my friend we designs jewelry, made a quick trip to Hobby Lobby, made the necklace and it arrive at Flora's house just in time for her 5th birthday Princess party! This year we also made a rush designed necklace after one I had ordered on Cafe Press turned out to be a piece of junk! The 6th birthday necklace is Hello Kitty badge style with felt cupcake and we ironed on the number SIX!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


It flips through my mind, when Andrew was 3 or 4 we would arrive in Nevada to visit. We would surprise Mrs. Hergert, Grandma Hergert at Mattingly's Dime Store and when she saw Andrew and he saw her they would run to each other and Grandma Hergert would swing Andrew around in her arms-it was so nice!
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Twiggy my high school fashion Icon

I found my high school scrapbook in my storage locker. Twiggy was the fashion model that I used for my inspiration during my teenage years! She was AWESOME! I remember in my room (which became Galen's room) that I took a pencil and drew Twiggy (life size) on the back of my bedroom door. She is still there (probably) covered over with wallpaper insert.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Joplin 'Extreme Makeover' episode airs Friday

Thursday, January 12, 2012
By Lynn A. WadeNevada Daily Mail
Seven places to call home, rising up from the devastation of the May 22 tornado in Joplin. Thirteen thousand people coming together to help others. One dream wedding.
Yep. A dream wedding.
"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," ABC's award-winning reality show came to Joplin in October to build seven homes for seven families. and helping them out were several local volunteers ranging from students to professional builders. A crew from Buildet, a general construction company in Nevada joined the effort. They are Chris Hendren, Cliff Keepen, Jordan Herron, Wes Ogle, Donnie Bugg, Scott Schulze, Cole Ogle, Richard Brockman, Charlie Bombagi, Tyler Parrack, Mike Witte, John Howell, Jason Rinker, Brad Ogle and Mark Selsor.
In another aspect of the build, Emily Ricketts, a Vernon County native, was one of several students from Stephens College, Columbia, Mo. The group of interior design students "were responsible for sewing, figuring drapery calculations, following patterns, pressing, steaming, installing in two of the homes built, and several students were given special projects to complete, which will be revealed during the episode when the families see inside their new homes for the very first time," said Stephens College Director of Marketing and Public Relations Shelley Gabert. Gabert added that a watch party is planned at the college and will include a presentation by interior design instructor Shelly Vincent Masek.
Nevada native JR DeLaney and his wife Suzanne made the trip from Washington, D.C., to help with the effort.
"My wife was the big one who pushed for it ... She didn't have to push me too hard to get sold on the idea," DeLaney told the Daily Mail in October. "She was really gung-ho about wanting to spend her vacation time away from work coming (to Joplin)."
The DeLaneys signed up to volunteer within hours of the announcement that the popular television show would be coming to the town in which they once lived. DeLaney said they had family and friends who still live in Joplin and one friend lost everything.
According to the October story, they learned upon arrival that Suzanne knew one of the families that would receive a new home. She knew Crystal Whitely, a single mother working as a personal care aid to raise her three children. The storm not only took Whitely's home but it also took the lives of her 10-year-old daughter Shante and 6-year-old son Trentan as the storm literally ripped them from her arms as the family took cover in the bathtub. Whitely and her 4-year-old daughter Keana were the only survivors.
DeLaney said it was an amazing experience to be able to help rebuild their friend's new home.
About that wedding ...
While all this was going on, the show partnered with clothier Men's Wearhouse to give one couple their dream wedding that was attended by all the families helped in the episode. Natalie and Scott Gonzales were able to stay true to their promise made to one another as they huddled in a bathtub to protect themselves from the devastating storm in May: If they survived, they would get married.
As the Extreme Makeover crew worked in earnest on new homes for the seven families, they all were whisked away to Disney World to attend the wedding of Scott and Natalie. Men's Wearhouse outfitted the groom and his groomsmen to assure they looked their very best for the big day.
Sam Stogner, VP of Formalwear at Men's Wearhouse said, "Just as we at Men's Wearhouse believe that every man deserves a good suit, we also know that every man deserves to look and feel his best on his wedding day. When the opportunity to help Scott was presented to us, we agreed without question."
Bride Natalie Gonzales said, "After a disaster like the one we experienced, you wonder how you are ever going to pick up the pieces, but 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition' and Men's Wearhouse gave us the opportunity to start over, as a family, in a brand new home."
Watch Friday's episode, the two-hour series finale to air at 7 p.m., on ABC.
See more photos and read more about Scott and Natalie's wedding in SHE magazine, coming in February.

Double Cola History in Nevada Mo-I loved that stuff!

 Children from Blair School at The Double Cola Bottling Plant Nevada Mo 1940's. The Plant was located at 214 S. Cedar St. where Gammon Glass is now.  
Nevada Girls Bowling Team 1940's 

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This might take a couple of hours! LOL!

On The Occassion of Miss Flora's 6th Birthday

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

O & B Market Nevada Mo 1966

I have written about the little market that Mom would call up her grocery order and we would pick up before we went to school. Marty was driving, this was our morning routine, if we needed school supplies they even had a little section of these! What ever we bought we put on Mom and Dad's charge account of which they paid monthly. Next door was the best Bakery in the World! Ewing's Bakery was a morning treat! 5 cents a piece or 60 cents a dozen! Best Bismark's in the World! Ever! 
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Monday, January 9, 2012

This is either Marty's or Andrew's?

Flora will be 6 this week-I think the reason I want to get her a birthday age necklace for each year started with this little necklace that has hung on my frig since either Marty or Andrew was 6&1/2-I just don't remember which one made it?? Boy's help me out here!
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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Movie producer turns cameras on Rich Hill

Friday, January 6, 2012
Tracy Tragos.
RICH HILL -- A California filmmaker who often visited Rich Hill as a child has begun work on a documentary about this Bates County community as exemplary of a small town whose efforts to survive are characterized by the uniqueness of its people.A 2003 Emmy Award-winning film that Tracy Droz Tragos made about her father, a casualty of the Vietnam War, will be shown at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 12, at the Rising Sun Opera House at Sixth Street and Park Avenue. Admission is $2 to see the 57-minute work "Be Good, Smile Pretty."
Rich Hill businessman Larry Hacker, a retired postmaster who is working with Droz Tragos, said Tuesday that the producer brought a crew here from Dec. 18 through 20 to film school events, the Methodist Church's Christmas program and other scenes.
Asked what the title will be, Hacker said, "Tracy is still flexible on that and what specific direction she'll go in.
"She will be back eight more times to do interviews and shoot film. Her general direction is to focus on Rich Hill as a small community, what happens here and how we survive. It's a struggle as a town of 1,500 between two county seats, Butler and Nevada, and soon to be between two Walmart Supercenters."
Referring to a Supercenter's opening next week at Butler, Hacker said the town has the assets of being alongside a major highway, U.S. 71, having Rich Hill Youth Development Center with its 30 employees and having its public school and the Rich Hill Mining Review newspaper.
"This was a coal mining town in the early days with over 10,000 population," he said. "Tracy always came back to visit her late grandparents, Glenn and Dorothy Droz, and she still has family here."
Hacker said the Santa Monica producer will not attend the Jan. 12 program but is scheduled to return in February.
Taking inquiries at (417) 825-7038 about the showing, coordinator Natalea Hoeper said Droz Tragos was 3 months old when her dad, Lt. Donald Glenn Droz, a swiftboat commander and Naval Academy graduate, died in a 1969 ambush on the Duong Keo River.
"Tracy's film has been frequently shown on PBS stations throughout the United States, oftentimes around Memorial Day and Veterans Day" said Hoeper. "It's available on Netflix. She will be depicting the life, events and struggles that face many small communities today.
"Plans are for the film crew to make frequent trips to Rich Hill throughout the year to capture the actual life happenings of residents in small town America. The town is buzzing."
Droz Tragos' Web site says "Be Good, Smile Pretty," the title taken from letters Lt. Droz had written home, also won the President's Award for Excellence in Documentary Film from the Vietnam Veterans of America. The film stars actor Terrence Howard and U.S. Sen. John Kerry.
Having taken a degree in English at Northwestern University in Evanston, Ill., and a master's in fine arts at the University of Southern California, Droz Tragos began her career at the DreamWorks Co., producing story-based CD-ROMS including "Goosebumps: Escape from Horrorland" with Jeff Goldblum and Isabella Rossellini, her Web site said.
She founded and is president of the Orphans of War Foundation. "By chronicling my own personal struggle to know my father, I hoped to raise awareness," she wrote.
"It is estimated that nearly 20,000 Americans lost fathers in Vietnam. The loss we endured is real and so is the opportunity to heal.
"Our fathers were young men with blemishes and fears who faced difficult choices, who fought in a war that wounded a nation and who wanted more than anything to come home to us."