Monday, October 27, 2008

Grandpa Evans Death Notice in Butler Paper Dec. 4, 1967

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I know Grandpa Evans died after my brother Marty because I remember him at the house when Marty was killed Aug. 27, 1966.
P.S. After my Grandma Evans died in 1959, my Grandpa Evans remarried a "Lady Named Sue" Not much liked by the family!
Grandpa Evans was born July 15, 1890 he died Dec. 4, 1967
Grandma Evans was born also in 1890(I have not found the month and day yet?) she died in 1959 (also have not found month or day yet?) Her name spelled correctly,
Amy Cecil Miller Evans.
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Great Grandma Evans Death Certificate

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Our Great Grandma Evans Death Notice from the Butler Paper

The above document, this document and the following documents were found by Connie Brittingham spending hours at the Butler Library before her illness. Thank You So Much Connie!
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Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Evans Marriage License November 26th, 1885

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Evans

This is our Great Grand Father, Joseph S. & Sarah Elizabeth Evans, Mom's Dad's parents. I have not discovered when Joseph died, but we know he was convicted of killing the brother of Sarah during an argument over a horse, he was hanged. Connie and I are still trying to find records of the trail, hanging and where he is buried.
Sarah was married before she married Joseph and had 3 children. Joseph and Sarah were married November 26th, 1885. They had 4 children, Loa, Major, Robert (Mom's Dad) and John. Connie said June told her after Joseph died and they had lost the farm paying for his trail, she "farmed" all the children out to friends and relatives. We never heard of a Aunt named Loa?? or what happened to Major? Grandpa Evans was raised by a lady in Butler, Connie knows her name and I remember Mom talking about her, but I did not listen quite enough to remember, I think Mom referred to her as "Betty"?? Sarah went on to married 2 more times, she died at age 84, December 2, 1938, she was born Sarah Elizabeth Richards in Kent County, Delaware, November 2, 1854.
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Andrew's Abstract Dad's Pipe Smoking Duck Painting

Andrew's Abstract Painting of Dad's Pipe Smoking Duck Drawing March 28, 2008
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Andrew's Abstract Painting of Dad's Butterfly

For my last birthday March 28, 2008, Andrew surprised me with Abstract Paintings he had done of Dad's Butterfly and Duck Pictures! They are so COOL! Andrew said he projected Dad's drawings on the wall and then traced the EXACT lines Dad had drawn for Flora Christmas 2007. Then he added the oil paint background. I LOVE THEM!
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Monday, October 13, 2008

Kaye and Galen Katz Drug Store Kansas City 1963

This is one of my all time favorite pictures. Dad, as Chief of Police would drive to Kansas City once a week for Judo lessons. Across the parking lot from the Judo Studio was Katz Drug Store, corner of Main and 39th Street. This was such an "innocent" time for even with Dad as a Police Officer he let us run the block around Katz. Galen and I loved going with Dad and one of the other Police Officers, I think it was Mr. Woody, not sure? We took this picture in the Katz photo booth. I think the reason Galen and I are still close is we were 2 years and 1 month apart almost to the day. We did a lot of stuff together, some "dumb" stuff like running the streets of downtown Kansas City! I think in the family we were the "Risk" takers???
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Friday, October 10, 2008

Dad's Last Pipe Smoking Duck for Flora Christmas 2007

Dad also drew in Flora's little book his famous Pipe Smoking Duck he always drew for us as kids. He continued this with the Grandkids! I am sure Shelley, Marty and Andrew remember also how to draw a duck and a butterfly! This is not exactly how he used to draw it but close! He always taught us to draw a sideways figure 8 and then add the hat, (sometimes a ball cap sometimes a top hat) eye, beak, pipe, feet and wing. This drawing really shows Dad was having trouble remembering exactly how he drew the duck and I noticed his hands were unsteady. I will treasure this drawing and the butterfly FOREVER!
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Dad's Last Butterfly Drawing for Flora Christmas 2007

It was on Cherry Street that I remember Dad drawing pictures for us. He always drew a big X and then made a butterfly out of it. This is his last drawing he did inside a little book I had bought for them to give to Flora last Christmas. He tried to write FLORA-LOVE FOREVER.
Dad was doing so well on this day and then he was gone on April 8th. Andrew also did an abstract drawing of Dad's drawings I will also post. Next I will post Dad's last drawing of his Pipe Smoking Duck!
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Thursday, October 9, 2008

915 W. Cherry Street

From Spring Street we moved to Cherry Street. We moved in the summer that I started 1st grade, so I would have been around 6 (I remember I hated to go to school! I would cry every morning and then at school I would call the teacher, "Teacher" and she made me sit in a corner until I would call her Mrs. Nichols! I also had a very hard time learning to read, the Dick and Jane stuff was just not clicking in my brain. I remember in the reading circle I just didn't get it! Then one day all of a sudden, I GOT IT! I understood the words Dick, Jane, Spot-the repetition FINALLY SUNK IN! I remember Mrs. Nichols vividly to this day!) All us kids loved the Cherry Street house, it was big, had heat, a basement, garage and big playhouse in the backyard (actually it must had been the previous owners work shop) The Cherry Street house was in the center of all the daily activity in Nevada, we were 1/2 block from Cottey College an all girls Liberal Arts College, and about 4-5 blocks to the square or "uptown" as we called it. It was the all the shopping and dining surrounding the courthouse . lots of hustle and bustle until Walmart came in 1970 and literally "wiped" out our uptown! We went to Franklin School, also walking distance from our house which we also used as our play ground in the warm months. Our neighbor next door, Martha Braswell was a retired music teacher from Cottey. Her husband Mac, worked at a bank in Kansas City so he lived in an apartment in Kansas City and visited on the weekends and holidays. They had no children, so they "kinda" adopted Me, Marilyn and sometimes Marty. We spent lots of overnights with Martha, she let us go grocery shopping with her and we got to buy whatever we wanted! We had Blueberry Muffins, Coco Puff Cereal, Pancakes, French Toast, Cinnamon Toast and the best-they let us drink coffee! Of course with lots of sugar! Coming from a large family of six kids, we were in Heaven! She took us on the Greyhound Bus to visit Mac at his apartment in KC. Mac lived just off The Country Club Plaza. They took us to the Zoo, shopping on The Country Club Plaza, Putsch's 210 for lunch and the Movie Theatre on The Plaza, (I will never forget the Theatre, it was fancy and a gentleman in a red suit walked us to our seats!) The Cherry Street house also had 2 bedrooms and a summer sleeping porch. Mom, Dad, Me, Marilyn, Galen and Thurman had the front bedroom and Barbara had the back bedroom. Marty sleep on the porch in the warm months and shared Barbara's room in the cold months. We had a gas stove heater in the dining room that heated the entire house. I also remember Galen riding his tricycle from the kitchen to the living room. Mom had a wringer washer on the back porch and I remember helping her by turning the handle on the wringer washer to wringer the water out of the clothes one piece at a time! Then we would take the laundry to the clothes line in the backyard (and ladies think they have it difficult today!) Mom's Mother, Amy Evans passed away while we lived on Cherry Street. I remember visiting her at the hospital and then she died. I remember so clearly it was 1959, I was 7 years old and Mom was sitting on the backyard step crying, so I just sit down beside her, I really did not know what to do, I just sat there.
Group Kid picture above-
I have to apologize to Marilyn. Her and I both claimed this picture as "My" birthday party on Cherry Street. After thinking about it this is Marilyn's party. My birthday is March 28th, always cold/rainy, so this is clearly Aug 11th, summer time! I dearly wanted to claim this as my party, I know as the "middle" child I was always fighting for attention!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

National Bellas Hess Catalog 1962

Bellas Hess, National Cloak & Suit,
National Bellas Hess, Charles Williams Stores

I remember as a little girl and teenager most of our clothes came from National Bellas Hess catalog out of Kansas City. The main reason was Dad and Mom had a credit account there. I remember carrying the payments into Bellas Hess, they were located on the West side of the square next to Thorpes. Mom also had worked at Bellas Hess in Kansas City before she married Dad. Her and her sister June took an apartment in Kansas City during this time. I think the year would have been 1941? When Mom would have been around 20 years old. I always wondered how much Mom had to pay for the really nice dresses she wore. According to the 1962 catalog, $2.99! Wow! and they were really nice quality!

National Cloak & Suit was founded about 1888. Around 1910 a reorganization brought about National Bellas Hess, into which Charles Williams stores were merged in late 1929. Bellas Hess survived until the late 1970s.

At one time National Bellas Hess was one of the top five mail order companies in the country, but slid into bankruptcy in the late 1970s. In the 1960s it did about $250-million a year with 25 million catalogues mailed annually. Former employees attribute their demise to the fact that the company more or less abandoned its mail order mission in favor of discount retail stores and supermarkets. A look at these following catalogues shows that there was nothing cheap about their wares in 1909 to 1918. The quality stands out!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Mom's Little Christmas Card to her Father 1959

This little card was also salvaged by June, and given to me by her daughter Donna May. Christmas 1955, notice the stamps were 1 cent each and the postage mark says "Pray for Peace" Mom always called her Father, Daddy, so cute! She would always refer to Dad around us kids as Daddy, example: Ask your Daddy.