Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Storm over Down Town KC Today

Green Sky and the city of KC in basements yesterday. Not taking any chances since Joplin Tornado. Yesterday was only the 3rd time in my life I took shelter in a storm! My Dad was a Police officer in Nevada Mo in the 60's. Him and I would go out to the highest spot in Nevada which was called Smelter Hill and spot tornadoes (old fashion way) so I was never afraid of the storms especially being with Dad in his patrol car.

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Sunday, May 8, 2011

The BEST Mom, very sadly missed on Mother's Day

My Mom's picture hangs in my small little living room. As a child and teenager this picture of Mom was hidden away, folded up in a book that was discovered in the 80's. My Dad took the picture to a photographer in Nevada, had a negitive made and the damaged fold line removed. After Mom passed away I took my 5x7 copy of the picture to a camera shop and had it enlarged to 18x20. When I went back to the shop to pick the picture up the store had the picture displayed on an easel for customer's to see. They thought from a 1940's picture it turned out well and also they thought Mom was beautiful! As I picked it up and was looking at it a gentleman behind me in line said "which Movie Star is that"? I said "it's my Mom"