Friday, April 27, 2012

Documentary about life in Rich Hill on track

Friday, April 27, 2012
"There are people there who don't have enough and are living in poverty." -- Tracy Droz Tragos
Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Tracy Droz Tragos has made three trips to Rich Hill and will return during the third week of May to continue filming in the Bates County town of 1,500 where she spent summers as a child.Droz Tragos told the Daily Mail Tuesday that she and her cousin, Andrew Droz Palermo of Columbia, Mo., were in Rich Hill three weeks ago with two film crew members, "spending time with a cross section of people.
"We've talked with the town elders and some of the adolescents who hang out at the park most every afternoon," she said from her home in Pacific Palisades, Calif. "We have met city council members and Andrew has ridden with Police Chief Clinton Leer.
"People are getting used to us. It's not quite such a shock to see us on a street corner, so people are not slowing down and doing a U-turn. When anybody sees a camera, they think they will instantly be broadcast on TV and that's not the case.
"We're not American Idol."
She said the project slowed early this year while she and Droz Palermo awaited the delivery of a Red Co. Scarlet X high resolution camera, which they used in their last visit.
"It has been eye-opening to see some of the struggles people are facing, when we got to know them and came inside their homes," said Droz Tragos, whose cousin, Jeff Droz, is chairman of the Rich Hill Vision Committee.
"There are people there who don't have enough and are living in poverty."
She plans another half-dozen trips and is using the working title of "Rich Hill," although that could change before the documentary is released next year. The town is 20 miles north of Nevada.
Working closely with the filmmaker, Rich Hill auctioneer Larry Hacker said last week that she and her crew recently spent several days at local schools and the Missouri Youth Services Division-affiliated Rich Hill Youth Development Center, "filming and trying to assemble plenty of things to take back with them.
"They said they would be back before school is out," Hacker said.
Hacker has reported giving Droz Tragos' Dinky Productions Co. DVDs of films made there between 1951 and '53, showing "the parades, marching bands and old businesses with the proprietors at the front doors."
Her hour-long Emmy Award-winning film, "Be Good, Smile Pretty," was released in 2003 and was about her father, Lt. Donald Glen Droz, a Naval Academy graduate who died in Vietnam in 1969 when she was 3 months old.
Growing up in Oakland, Calif., with her mom and step-dad, she often stayed with grandparents Glen and Dorothy Droz in Rich Hill in the 1970s and '80s. Her uncle and aunt, Paul and Peggy Droz, and relatives Julie Droz, Frank and Francine Droz and the Rapp and Jennings families still live there.
"I was catching grasshoppers, fishing and learning to drive," she has previously reminisced. "The downtown was full of life and businesses. I loved the taste of the funny water and the lights at Christmas. I couldn't wait for the Fourth of July when I got to ride in the fire truck and do all the stuff I couldn't do in the city."
Droz Tragos' husband Chris owns an Internet advertising company. They have two daughters, 3 and 6.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Andrew and I will be heading to Boston Sat May 5th to celebrate Marty's MBA Graduation. Invitation designed by Amy-So Smart! Love It!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dad Press Release in Missouri Police Journal 1960 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dad's Quarter Gift

EVERY TIME we visited Mom and Dad, Dad would supply us with rolls of Quarter's. He thought we should ALWAYS have change, for parking meter's, car wash etc. I found this roll in a glass jar of coins I keep. It was shy of $10.00 so Dad wrote $7.75 and that is still the amount I have. I started to use the Quarter's as Dad would have wanted me to, but couldn't. The gift is to PRECIOUS to me!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

  • March 30
    Liz Lemon
    • Hey Kaye,

      My name isn't really Liz's Courtney Simmons. My father was George and my aunt is Beverly (Simmons) Campbell. I found your blog while looking for old photos of Nevada online. Brittingham was always a name mentioned by my dad, my aunt, and my grandma. So, when I saw the name of the blog under a photo I had to check it out. After a few minutes of reading I called my aunt to tell her how about it. 3 hours later and I had to send you a message letting you know how amazing I think your blog is. I hope it's not strange that I read through the entire thing. It seems you had/have an amazing family and it's beautiful how you captured and shared that!

OOPS! I found another picture of Marty & Midnight

Midnight the Brittingham family dog 1958

The only picture we have of our "rowdy" pet dog Midnight, he had a bit Rottweiler in him and was as "mean" as a Junk Yard Dog except to us kids he was friendly and protective.  He would get in fights with other neighborhood dogs and Mom would run out of the house and get the water hose to spray on them to break up the fight!
He was a stray Barbara brought home. He was with us on (I think) Spring St, Cherry St. and Main St. On Cherry St. when we were walking home from Franklin school Midnight would run and meet us, he knew the exact time! One time he got hit by a car, but was OK.
On Cherry St the city passed and ordinance and we had to keep him "tied" up in the back yard/garage. There were times we had no dog food so Marty would fix Midnight a dish of milk and bread torn up in pieces. After Marty passed away Midnight was not himself he seemed to be very sad like we were not to ever see Marty again, I know he missed him!  Midnight passed away one night in his chair in the garage, Mom cried when she told me.

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1940 Census - Vernon County, Mo.
Ward 5 (East Nevada) 
St. Francis Academy and Orphanage 
County Jail 
Cottey College 
Nevada City Hospital 
County Poor Farm (Walker, Mo.) 
Milo, Missouri 
Montevallo, Missouri

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

J.C. Nichols Fountain Easter Sunday 2006 Photos by Andrew

Easter at The Brittingham's on Spring Street Nevada Mo.

Well,the Brittingham kids loved Easter, new outfits for the boy's, new dresses for the girl's, new socks, new shoes, Easter egg hunt, Easter baskets and real Easter Chicks! Dad used to go to the Hatchery and buy us real little chicks-dozens of them! Then when they got bigger he took them to Mrs. Cubbage's farm. What Glory Days!