Sunday, October 26, 2008

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Evans

This is our Great Grand Father, Joseph S. & Sarah Elizabeth Evans, Mom's Dad's parents. I have not discovered when Joseph died, but we know he was convicted of killing the brother of Sarah during an argument over a horse, he was hanged. Connie and I are still trying to find records of the trail, hanging and where he is buried.
Sarah was married before she married Joseph and had 3 children. Joseph and Sarah were married November 26th, 1885. They had 4 children, Loa, Major, Robert (Mom's Dad) and John. Connie said June told her after Joseph died and they had lost the farm paying for his trail, she "farmed" all the children out to friends and relatives. We never heard of a Aunt named Loa?? or what happened to Major? Grandpa Evans was raised by a lady in Butler, Connie knows her name and I remember Mom talking about her, but I did not listen quite enough to remember, I think Mom referred to her as "Betty"?? Sarah went on to married 2 more times, she died at age 84, December 2, 1938, she was born Sarah Elizabeth Richards in Kent County, Delaware, November 2, 1854.
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