Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dad NEVER forgot

This is a Kelsey, Flora Story. Pictured is Kelsey on the left, now age 18 and Flora is on the right, now 2 & 1/2.
While visiting Marty, Amy, Flora and Charley I was reminded again what Dad remembered even the last weeks before he passed away. He was in ICU in Nevada Hospital, I think it was March 20th, 2008, we all were visiting, Dad looked at Galen and was talking to him about Kelsey going to college, and how smart her, Carter and Conner was and what good kids they were.
He then ALWAYS said and this would make him laugh, "I will never forget what Kelsey told me about her Daddy driving, she was in the back seat in her car seat, could not have been more than 2. Galen, me and Kelsey were in the car and Galen was driving, Kelsey said "My Daddy drives to Fast!" Dad NEVER forgot what she said and I heard it numerous times over the next 16 years.
While visiting Marty, Amy, Flora, Charley and I got into the car one day to head to the park, Flora said to her Mommy, "Don't drive to fast" I instantly remembered Dad's story about Kelsey. I am so glad the simple things in life make us happy! Dad and Mom Loved their Grandchildren and talked about all of them constantly. A visit from us "kids" as they called us and the grandkids was the highlight of their life!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

30 Moves

The picture to the left (Carol Burnett Cleaning Lady) is pretty much the way I looked after the last 2 days I have been helping Andrew move out of his apartment where he has lived the last year. It's funny how young people live in their houses, condos, apartments and dorms and NEVER clean them!!(believe me in Real Estate Sales I have seen a lot of how people live!)
These same young people want to save the planet, recycle and live Green? Little do they know how they are living in their own space could be a danger to their health and the planet! And if those Dust Bunnies ever got out of the house they could just destroy the earth!

Moving is hard but harder is cleaning the bathroom scum, trying to find the kitchen counter top?? and chasing dust bunnies the size of real bunnies! All in an effort to get the rental deposit back.
I spent 16 hours total and when I came home I felt like a Mac Truck had ran over me!
Every time I move or have helped either Marty, Andrew or my Parents move, I say the same thing "I hate moving and I AM NEVER GOING TO MOVE AGAIN!" So I sat down and calculated my many moves listed below.

  1. 1960 age 8 helped Mom and Dad move from Cherry St. to Main Steet

  2. 1969 1st marriage, moved from Nevada Mo (Wooter St.) to Kansas City Mo (S. Ash St)

  3. 1969 Moved from Kansas City Mo (S. Ash) to Nevada (N. Cedar St.)

  4. 1970 Moved from Nevada Mo to Booneville Mo (Suunyside Trailer Park)

  5. 1971 Moved from rented trailer in Sunnyside Trailer Park to 10x50 trailer (bought new $2,800.00)

  6. 1971 Moved the trailer to Fulton Mo.

  7. 1972 Moved the trailer to Bolivar Mo.

  8. 1972 Moved the trailer to Trenton Mo.

  9. 1972 Moved the trailer to Carrollton Mo.

  10. 1974 Sold the trailer (THANK GOD!) moved to Chillicother Mo.(rented house on Bryan

  11. 1976 Moved to Blue Springs (rented house S.E. 22nd St)

  12. 1978 Moved to Palo Park, Blue Springs

  13. 1981 Moved to 308 S.E. 2nd Blue Springs

  14. 1987 Moved to 3121 Victoria Ln. Blue Springs
  15. 1989 Moved Marty to Columbia MU
  16. 1991 Moved Marty out of Apartment stuff back to KC, Marty to Colby, Waterville ME

  17. 1993 Moved to Apt. in Indep Mo

  18. 1993 Moved to 105 Palmer St. Blue Springs

  19. 2003 Moved to Westport KC Apartment
  20. 2003 Moved Mom and Dad from Nevada, Mo to Lee's Summit, Mo.
  21. 2003 Moved personal belongings to my parents house Lee's Summit
  22. 2004 Moved The Madison KC Condo
  23. 2004 Moved Andrew into The Gallery Condo
  24. 2005 Moved Andrew out of The Gallery Condo to Madison & Storage
  25. 2006 Moved Andrew from Madison & Storage to Apartment 4012 Warwick
  26. 2006 Moved Mom and Dad from Lee's Summit to Nevada, Mo.
  27. 2008 Moved to 46 Jefferson Condo
  28. 2008 Moved Andrew out of Apartment 4012 Warwick to Lawrence
  29. 2009 Moved Andrew to Portland OR
  30. 2010 Moved Andrew back to KC

Friday, September 19, 2008

One of Andrew's weekly letters to Papa & Grandma Brittingham

Again, while cleaning old pictures and cards from Mom and Dad's house I found this little letter they saved from Andrew age 10 at the time. Andrew had a Creepy Crawler Super Oven

Creepy Crawlers Bug maker Oven, They Ooze in, But Crawl Out! - The Classic is Back! Create up to 50 Bugs with your Bugmaker Oven. Enter the laboratory and craft a new crew of creepy crawlers. Pick the pattern of every inch of every inchworm and...(read more) Manufacturer's

When Andrew (& Marty when he was little) wrote a letter to Papa and Grandma, they would write a letter back and include a dollar bill! (This really was a "bribe" from Papa and Grandma, but we never told Marty and Andrew) we just encouraged them to write to Papa and Grandma for they enjoyed their letters so much.

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