Friday, November 9, 2012

Historic Holmes-Brittingham Cemetery Over 150 years old

People ask me why I care about a cemetery (which they think is morbid) ?? this is the reason. I promised my Dad I would ALWAYS take care of the cemetery. I will never let anything happen like the vandalism below.  If it does we will know and group together to fix it. 

Vandals at Luper Cemetery Add Insult to Injury ~ Steal Civil War Veteran's Tombstone & Toss It in a Ditch

William BUSHNELL (surname) died in 1874. This is a white marble Civil War Veteran's Marker. It will need to be hauled out of the ditch (they are very heavy) and returned to the cemetery, if they can find where it should be placed. I think I got a better picture of it I'll try to post later. This makes me so angry. They just desecrated, not one or two, but about 95% of the cemetery, breaking them, toppling them and even using some broken pieces of small ones for a fire pit. That wasn't enough they removed this Civil War Veteran's marker completely from the cemetery and tossed it in a ditch. Is there some country in the world where they would cut off their hands for this kind of disrespect? This is an historic pioneer cemetery.

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