Friday, July 13, 2012


For years and years when we were growing up in the Main Street house, Mom had a landscape picture similar to these on the living room wall. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT PICTURE-looked at it everyday, several times a day. Anyway, the picture was given to Mom by Dad's Mother and or our Grandma Brittingham. Her Grandmother had given it to her along with some pieces of furniture she had brought over from England. Mom and Dad had the picture, a magazine stand (Thurman has) a small cabinet (I have) They also had a really cool library desk but Opal came over and repossed it from us.

I do not know whatever happened to this picture? When Dad would get rid of things he just took them to the dumps (as we called the landfill) I think this was probably a very valuable painting.

Lot 1204

Oil Painting Landscape Signed Trevor James

Experience the warm connection with Nature from this fine oil on canvas landscape, signed "Trevor James" lower right. Dimensions: 36" X 24" without frame, 42" X 30" with frame. The market gallery price for this piece is $2,200. Strong demand for Trevor James paintings is demonstrated by publicly recorded sales include the sale price of $1,125 for the smaller and less complex.

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